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Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends

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Screenshot of Otherworld Legends
Screenshot of Otherworld Legends
Screenshot of Otherworld Legends


The Soul Knight team's new masterpiece!
Otherworld Legends is the latest creation of Ryouga Games, a super-sensational action-Roguelike game.
Explore different worlds featuring refreshing bamboo forests, zen-like gardens, majestic underground labyrinths, and psychedelic void palaces.
Ride a variety of battle-hardened heroes, collect and combine bizarre and interesting items, and make each game a unique experience!

Excellent warriors from different times and regions of the world, in the Shura fantasy world created by the Asura King, through trials and tribulations, finally discover the secrets behind this illusory world.

- The refreshing blow of fist to flesh and arrow to heart.
- Multiple characters, multiple fighting styles. Melee fighting, long-range shooting, magic control? There's always one for you.
- Plenty of monsters and levels, from fierce horses to cute monsters, fight until your hands are soft.
- A large number of unique abilities and items, the combination of the most suitable for your fighting style.
- Random levels, hidden rooms, secret shops, hidden bosses and other dungeon elements to explore.
- Assist the enemy, not afraid of handicap, unprecedented smooth action game experience.
- Unique pixel 3D style and hand-drawn frame by frame detailed animation.


A pure action roguelike game!
You'll experience a super fast hit!


Version 1.12.7 2022-05-11
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BUG FIXES including:
*If Bounty Assassin is added to Fabled Article, all its stats bonuses turned into zero.
*In the Imba mode, if the Skill panel of your backpack was full, switching the Skill Stone of the Primary and Secondary Skill would cause the stones to disappear.
*In the Imba mode, Hannah’s bullets were blocked by Skills Stones and coins on the ground.
*In the Imba mode, Golden Pinata and Bankbook did not return coins after they were dropped to the ground.
*Bug in calculating coins after the monster duel was over.
*In the tutorial, opening the backpack while dodging would get the player stuck.
*In co-op mode, the enemy spawned in the wrong place if the non-host player interacted with the mirror in the Viking biome.
*In co-op mode, enemies displayed incorrectly on the host’s screen, if their teammate was equipped with Beast Tamer.
*In co-op mode, players couldn’t get out of the room after the combat was over (attempted to fix).
*Adjusted the display of some rooms.
*In the Imba mode, primary and secondary skills can’t be equipped with stones of the same name.
*Improved the text display about the item unlock progress. You can scroll down to check full description.


Developer 凉屋游戏
Official Website Official Website
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 1.12.7
Size 226 MB
Last Updated on 2022-05-11
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements Android 4.1 +
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