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Soul Knight New Game

Soul Knight New Game

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Screenshot of Soul Knight New Game
Screenshot of Soul Knight New Game
Screenshot of Soul Knight New Game
Screenshot of Soul Knight New Game
Screenshot of Soul Knight New Game


Soul Knight's new work is a pixel-style RPG game. The story is based on the world before Soul Knight as the stage background. At that time, mechanical technology was not popular, and the world was still in the era of sword and magic. Players will work with the little knights to form their own knights, and start a unique and exclusive adventure with saving the world as the starting point. In this adventure, you can also meet new partners, fight the enemy together, and save the world of vitality!
Unlike Soul Knight’s top-view shooting Roguelike, this game is a role-playing game with monsters, upgrades, and equipment as the core gameplay. Choose different professions, defeat the mobs, upgrade your character level and get massive equipment! With different skills and choosing the equipment combination of your choice, each player can have his own powerful genre.

-Vitality Knight has a plot! Isn't this still a grandfather?
-Exquisite and delicate pixel art, unique in the world of vitality
-Multi-professional mix and match to grow, and match a unique fighting genre!
-Powerful equipment brush! brush! brush! Perfect match sparks sparks
-Fantasy adventure on the magic continent, don’t forget the challenge missions along the way

What is the secret of the fantasy magic continent? Come and discover the secret!


* Language: Simplified Chinese


Developer 凉屋游戏
供应商 深圳市凉屋游戏科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 914403003349574434
In-app Purchases Yes
Last Updated on 2021-08-20
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements Android 4.4 +
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