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Soul of Ink

Developer: 墨魂工作室

The love of the world can make the feelings contained in the masterpiece to be handed down to the world from the soul of ink, called Soul of Ink, appear in the world. Soul of Ink comes from all over the world, and lives in Ink Mark Studio. But this ink soul is born out of love, but also because the world will forget and dissipate; we must look for poems and writings to strengthen the soul, in order to stay. However, it is a difficult life for the soul to be born, and there is a long way to go in Kyushu, so we need the help of our companions to retrace our steps and find our memories. This is the reason why the post of Orchid Platform was created. Over the past thousand years, Soul of Ink has always fluctuated with people's love of literature and ink, and for a time Soul of Ink was in turmoil, so much so that Soul of Ink was nowhere to be found. Now, with the return of Soul of Ink, are you willing to be the next Lan Tai, to take over the decadent Soul of Ink, to help them collect their works, to help them become a complete personality, and to listen to the gossip and see the past? We also have...hey hey hey, don't pull me? What's the matter, hungry? Let's go home and cook for Tzu-Yu! If you accept this responsibility, you will take care of the woodland in Soul of Ink, rebuild the decayed pavilions and establish your own paradise. You will accompany Soul of Ink to search for works of art in the past, and resonate with the holy arts of the past. With Soul of Ink, you will be able to live a modern life, selling wine and calligraphy, making payments electronically and subsidizing your alms. You will discover that Soul of Ink are different in temperament, but they all share the same love of worldly fireworks and eating grains and cereals. You'll find that Soul of Ink has more than just happiness, anger and sadness, it even learns how to spit. You'll also find.... Why don't you do it?



Developer: 椰岛游戏

Enjoy the daily life of the village in the Ming dynasty in the landscape painting. Coconut island game production of ancient style simulation game "Jiangnan", take you back to Ming dynasty, to build their own land, enjoy the leisure time of fine farming and reading. You will be the architect of the city, drawing the blueprints, building the buildings, planning the layout, and making money.At the same time, the arrangement of residents living work or lead everyone adventure...... This is your oasis, your wizard of oz.



Developer: 第一波游戏

幸福春日田野上,欢乐农场小时光。开放式模拟乡镇生活手游《奶牛镇的小时光》,带你体验浪漫的恋爱系统,刺激的探险故事,还有更多场景与新颖的场景交互,玩出不一样的欢乐时光。更有限时钓鱼竞赛,多种战斗特效,实时玩家互动聊天室,湖边篝火晚会等丰富活动玩法,感受不一样的小镇生活! 一个晴空万里的日子,我在一片丛林中醒来。头顶绿树葱郁,天上阳光明媚,周围鸟语花香。 我这是在哪儿?我怎么来的?我来这儿干嘛? 我站起来,忽然看到我变年轻的身体,吓得又坐回了地上。 这是我吗?我怎么变年轻了? 我孤单地生活在繁华的城市中。 城市的夜晚灯火通明,而在这万家灯火中,却没有一盏是为我而点亮的。 每个夜晚我都坐在窗外,望着天上的一轮明月,对它讲述我在故乡的生活。 从出生,成长,上学,一直到为了那些虚无缥缈的理想而去大城市的日子。 我喜欢那段时光,可那毕竟是曾经的过往,过去了就再也回不来了,就像我现在的身子,老了就再也年轻不了了。 那些快乐的时光,一去不复返。真想回去呀。 ……可怎么回得去? 故乡牛奶真好喝,依旧是故乡的味道,掺杂着青草的香甜,伴我进入梦乡。 梦里,我看见一道闪烁着的光芒,温暖、熟悉,我竭尽全力奔向它,触摸它…… 猛然惊醒,这是哪里,我难道还在做梦?可,又好像不是梦。 耳畔,响起了一个熟悉而又温柔的声音。它缓缓地对我说: 欢迎回家。 我,好像真的回到了故乡——那个叫奶牛镇的故乡。 奶牛镇的小时光,告诉你另一种生活、梦想与爱情,在枯燥规律的城市生活中,给你带来最美的回忆。 有人在这个故事里做了一场不愿意醒的梦,如果你在钢筋水泥的城市中迷失了本真,愿我们能在奶牛镇相见。


Survivor : Dangerzone

Developer: 海南尤达科技有限公司

How long would you survive, in the apocalypse? Looking for food and weapons in a city full of zombiesand the only thing you can do is survive and escape from the city. Survivor Danger Zone is an open world Roguelike game. Each game is a new adventureand each zombie has its own characteristics. Players need to observe carefully and choose survival strategies. Survivor Danger Zone removes some of Roguelike's cumbersome elements, such as complex operating systems and cumbersome task scenarios. Players are free to enjoy the game. The game uses the latest Unity engine to make the game more fluid. European and American style pictures give players a fresh game experience, take it easy, believe in themselves. How long will you live after the apocalypse? Do you choose to kill or co-exist with survivors like you? You decide.


Sky: Children of the Light

Developer: 网易游戏

In "Sky", you will start a warmest and pure social adventure. The fresh and beautiful aesthetic style, the unexpected beauty, the soft and beautiful atmosphere is full of warmth and touch, awakening the softest part of your heart. Join hands with your loved ones and soar in this world of sky, the power of love will support you all the way.


Summon and Merge

Developer: 召合网络

This is a card strategy puzzle RPG. The players in this game, they are a group of kind and interesting friends. I hope you can experience the fun of this game.


Soul Knight

Developer: 凉屋游戏

“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…” We honestly can’t keep making it all up. Let’s just shoot some alien minions! This is the game you have always wanted in your subconscious. Explore the dungeon, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot‘em all up! Extremely easy and intuitive control; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements. Best shooter game you will find on the mobile store so far. Features: * Unique heroes, with unique ability. * 270+ weapons waiting for you to explore. * Randomly generated dungeon world, new experience every time. * NPCs that actually matter! They will fight by your side! * Auto-aim mechanism for super intuitive control. * Many more features that you will find out in game. Follow Us Twitter: @ChillyRoom Facebook: @chillyroomsoulknight Note: * To use the screen recording function, permission to write to external storage is required.


The World (Test)

Developer: 滑稽工作室

It's a magical world. You can see people using magic. You can have a wonderful special service in a town, or search for lost treasures all over the world. The story takes place thousands of years after a "cataclysm", when you open your eyes and discover that you are not from the original world, but from this one. You have to keep getting stronger and earn more money so that you have enough ability to survive in this world. Features - Open world, strong freedom. - The main story can be done if you want to do it, if you don't want to do it, then don't do it first, unlike the old RPG where you can't even leave the house until this quest is done! - A brand new sect system, you can join various sects to learn the secrets or become an independent adventurer! - Is Chinese style better, or Western magic? East meets West! A world where you can learn magic, ninjutsu, Taoism, and more, in the true sense of the word! - The equipment system is unique and powerful, with thousands of different types of equipment, finely designed and never tricked by random enchantments! - No career! Match your character direction and character positioning yourself. - A variety of secondary professions, "forging, tailoring, leather making, enchanting, alchemy, engineering, talismans, poison making, compulsion making, cooking" and so on, so that your journey more rich game! - The good guys and the bad guys decide for themselves, you can play as a righteous character or an evil one in the game! - Free quests, multiple solutions of the same task, everything in the world will change because of your choice! - Good sounding BGM to put you in the right place. ● Minimum configuration requirements. Mobile: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 or equivalent processor, at least 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage memory. PC: Intel 5th generation Core or equivalent processor, at least 4G operating memory, 250G of storage memory. ● Recommended configuration requirements. Mobile: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or equivalent processor, at least 8 gigabytes of operating memory, 64 gigabytes of storage memory. PC: Intel i5-8750H or equivalent processor, at least 8 gigabytes of running memory, 500 gigabytes of storage memory.


Sausage Man

Developer: 真有趣游戏

Sausage Man is a battle royale game, stylized to the likenings of PUBG and Fortnite. The only difference? Well, rather than embodying humans, this time you're in control of a sausage. Control systems in Sausage Man are complex. Not unlike any other kind of battle royale style game. Thankfully, they're also well-adapted to touchscreens. Towards your left, you'll find a movement crosspad and access to your stock of items. Whist on your right, you'll find buttons designed to help you crouch, jump, pick up cars, open doors, point, recharge and of course shoot.



Developer: 嘉丰永道(北京)科技股份有限公司

那一天人类终于为自己无尽膨胀的欲望付出了代价。 星历2031年的10月,骚动、叫喊、火焰和崩塌打破了杰诺星的平静,感染者的出现彻底点燃了无序的火种。没有人预料到这一切的发生,恐惧像瘟疫一样扩散。死亡的阴影逐渐笼罩了整个星球。 毫无所觉的星际巡逻队少佐雷纳德还像往常一样,在返航的飞船上与AI讨论着女儿的生日。然而中断的信号却预示着“狂潮”序曲的揭幕。港口的封闭大门和昏暗的灯光仿佛在阐释着末路的悲歌。 未知的病毒、失控的陷阱、狂潮般涌动的感染者,如同横亘在面前的大山。雷纳德能否揭开重重迷雾,顺利突破封锁,重回爱女的身边? =============================== -为爱女勇闯凶地 米拉,你到底在哪?躲起来,不要害怕。爸爸给你买了最爱的玩具熊。一起过生日,爸爸没有食言哦。放心吧,一定会找到你的。哪怕街道上感染者横行,往日的种种只剩下断壁残垣,只要手中的枪还在,无论如何一定会找到你的,这次爸爸说到做到。 -利用一切活下去 病毒肆虐下,熟悉的世界已变陌生。弹药有限、孤立无援的你想要活下去,就需要探索末世每一处角落。氧气瓶、电锯、武器。收集和利用一切资源。尽一切可能武装自己,保护自己。 -不放过蛛丝马迹 昔日防御的保障变成一处处失控的陷阱,无情的射线、冷酷的机关,让你寸步难行。想要破除障碍顺利脱出,就去努力找寻吧,不要放过每一处看似无关紧要的线索。 -智斗狂猛丧尸 万事万物都有弱点,面对不断变异进化的狂猛丧尸,势单力孤的你不可能每次都暴力致胜。利用还在运转的陷阱、找寻它极力隐藏的弱点、观察它的行动方式。开动脑筋,用智商来碾压这些丑陋的怪物。 -找寻真相直面人心 末世中,你最需要提防的不是丧尸、不是机关,而是人心。在探索和寻觅的途中,你会逐渐了解到一些被掩盖的秘辛,遇到一些幸存的人。他们有的无辜、有的善良、有的狂暴、歇斯里地。你能在探求真相的同时揭开他们的伪装吗?


Night of the Full Moon

Developer: 滴答工作室

"Night of the Full Moon" is a stand-alone card game. There is no mandatory beginners guide, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes. The plot will be played in the card battle. Each NPC and BOSS are given a mission and a temperament. Different choices will bring different endings. [Drama] In order to find the missing grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest, where it was always dark and night. She is about to face the guardian of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the strange villagers and the truth that slowly surfaced... On the full moon night, the mysterious veil of the Black Forest will be unveiled one by one... [Features] * Mild strategy turn-based card battle * Five occupations, more than 400 cards free to match * Ninety-two mysterious opponents await your challenge * Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure * Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage



Developer: Pigeon Games | 鸽游

Pigeon Games is initiated from a video on, and consists of many rhythm game fanatics that devoted time and efforts to Phigros without getting paid. We sincerely hope that the innovative game mode, along with well-crafted illustrations as well as charts, can satisfy your fingers and let you feel the charm of rhythm games! Game Description Innovative Gameplay 4 types of notes that fall literally everywhere, spiced with dynamic judgement lines, this game promises a rhythm game experience unlike ever before. Handpicked Songs 26 high-quality soundtracks from all genres by well-known producers, offering a grand feast of music. Curated Illustrations Designed by our own Art Team, the one-of-a-kind illustrations are here to fit the songs as well as gameplay. Companies Collaborated Pigeon Games' cooperation with SOUL NOTES RECORDS allow us to include a set of five top-notch Chinese EDMs in our game - named [Soul Notes Collection] - awaiting your fingertips!



Developer: 鹰角网络

The natural disasters caused by unknown causes and raging everywhere, a large number of mysterious minerals appeared on the swept land - known as the "source stone." Although the discovery of the source stone has a long history, relying on the advancement of technology, its energy makes the civilization enter the modern era faster. However, at the same time, the source stone itself has spawned the existence of "infected person". They absorb strength and misfortune, and now part of them, attempt to integrate with the source stone to bring a new order to the world. This war conspiracy is a new obstacle to our confrontation with natural disasters. As a member of Rhode Island, you will join the Rhode Island public leader Amia, hiring people into high-risk areas after the impact of natural disasters, helping the victims, dealing with ore disputes, and fighting the integration campaign. "Rhode Island" brainstorm, are you ready?



Developer: 第一波游戏

《校花的贴身高手:天阶岛》是由鱼人二代正版授权的校花养成冒险手游。化身松山市第一贴身保镖的你,将与花样校花们来场零距离的冒险之旅,成为彼此的专属依恋。游戏依据经典小说剧情,打造古墓探险、世家争霸、拍卖会、地下拳馆、独立剧情等丰富玩法,带来最原汁原味的体验。每位校花还配有独特的甜美语音,为你带来视觉与声音的双重体验。 小说正版授权,校花因你精彩 经典小说,完美还原。带你领略小说中的高光时刻,开启全新的冒险,体验校园的甜美爱恋。 以柔克刚,策略收割甜蜜 策略玩转布阵,多种属性相生相克,灵活搭配,解锁无敌合体大招,超强战力,一招扭转战局。 超萌看板娘,百变造型随心搭 各色极品校花,你喜欢的样子这里全都有。多种风格任你打扮,华丽服饰由你挑选,让你的校花实力与颜值双在线。 撩妹秘籍,享受高能甜蜜时刻 赠送精美礼品,营造亲密时刻。还有哪位校花是你没攻略下的,快去解锁亲密关系,成为她的专属贴身高手。 世家争霸,谁才是最强家族 前所未有的世家争霸,与众位世家修炼者一分高下,决出最强家族,赢下无上荣光。 游戏特色: 鱼人二代正版授权,你值得拥有! 高度还原小说剧情,沉浸式体验,带你领略小说中的高光时刻,开启冒险新次元。快来与可甜可咸的校花们来场青春恋歌吧! 不来点花式浪漫,还想追到我? 风格迥异的各类校花,任你宠溺,互动养成,激活羁绊,让你与校花突破零距离。想要追上校花,可得多动些小心思,才能成为她专属的贴身高手哟。 有人欺负我,快帮我出气! 欺负我?瞧瞧我们的超级无敌合体大招,激活BUFF,一瞬扭转战局,让你好看,哼! 超萌看板女仆装,瞧瞧我穿的好看吗? 女仆、萝莉、OL、护士、御姐装,你喜欢的样子,这里都有。变身最时尚的校花,展示百变的自己。小孩子才做选择,大人我全都要! 探索古墓?不要啦,人家一个人好怕怕~ 古墓秘境,灵异的鬼魅世界,挑战沉睡千年的守墓怪,惊险刺激,听说还有神秘宝物,价值连城,我一个人害怕,陪我一起去嘛~~



Developer: 3K独游屋

《古今江湖》是一款武侠风Roguelite DBG(卡组构筑游戏),以过图闯关为主要玩法,玩家在关卡中不断的获取新的卡牌替换旧的卡牌,组建出理想的卡组流派,对抗强大的带头大哥。四大职业数十种武侠,数百种武学,更有套装、神兵、经脉等元素,让你构建出意想不到的卡组! 【故事背景】 失意少年,梦入幻境江湖,惊天阴谋呼之欲出。千锤百炼,铸造神兵。自创武学流派,苦寻真相。大战江湖恶人,数次陷入死局。江湖浩劫似一触即发,你能主持这场大局吗? 【游戏特色】 ♦[别样国风美术] 纯手绘书中武林世界 ♦[DBG卡组构筑] 百种卡牌靠套路取胜 ♦[随机奇遇Roguelike] 隐藏事件步步惊心 ♦[四大职业任选] 套装神兵随心搭配 ♦[收集武学卡牌] 按个性历练侠客 ♦[幻境探险闯关] 凭本事一命通关 ♦[自创武学流派] 花样套路引领江湖 ♦[开立江湖门派] 招募武侠为门派弟子 ♦[秘境休闲护肝] 收集秘宝获取离线收益 *游戏中遇到问题请在游戏内“头像-帮助“反馈。 -------------------- 【关于奖项】 *** iOS苹果精品推荐游戏 *** 原创艺术类精品游戏 *** 多平台精品推荐独立游戏 *** 2019TapTap年度游戏大赏 最受玩家喜爱游戏入围 *** 2019TapTap年度游戏大赏 最佳视觉入围 -------------------- 【关于我们】 官方公众号:3k独游屋 官方微博: 官方玩家11群:645619721 欢迎加入与我们一起讨论《古今江湖》


Tears of Themis

Developer: miHoYo

"Tears Of Themis" is an otome game. The story centres around the MC who is fresh out of law school, and becomes embroiled in a complicated and deep-running crime conspiracy. You will play as a new lawyer and be involved in an unknown conspiracy in the process of working with different characters to resolve bizarre commissions. This is a love x reasoning adventure, what kind of choice will you make?


Mortise & Tenon

Developer: 雷霆游戏

The quintessential puzzle mobile game "Mortise & Tenon" collected in the Jimei Museum has won many domestic and foreign game awards from The Palace Museum,IMGA, and Indieplay. It is now represented by ‘Leiting Games’, and finally went online after four years of polishing. The game is easy to get started, you need to use your space imagination, through simple operations such as clicking and eliminating, grinding and putting together to form an accurate tenon and mortise structure. You can also collect drawings of different objects and explore the history of multiple mortises and tenons. You can also use your creativity to design interesting tenon and mortise levels, and invite others to challenge. I hope you like this cultural space of mortises and tenons.



Developer: 华山论剑

模拟经营+解谜关卡的玩法 这些天一直在想,怎么改才能让大家更好玩一点,首先是加了日记系统。让大家更清晰的了解剧情。然后大学那会就一直想着开个奶茶店,然后奶茶店一定是情侣去的比较多的地方,所以就加到了游戏里面,希望大家能够喜欢。 想着做的好玩一点,惊喜一点,开始画面是灰黑白色的,通关以后会变成彩色。嗯 变色也是剧情需要把。希望大家能够多多支持。


A Dream of Jianghu

Developer: 网易游戏

Art re-launched-scenes, characters, appearances...multiple content innovation New sect—Taiyin arrives-control mysterious paper puppets Affection System Opened-Unlock Love Mode and Encounter “Love” Massive free benefits-out-of-print fashion, rare items... The fund will be reset within a limited time! Brand new main story-famous sword and new friend



Developer: ASSA studio




Developer: kiwigames

《人生模拟器:中国式人生》是一款【模拟】+【文字】类型的游戏,游戏里的一切都是随机发生的,高自由度。你将随机出生在某个国家城市,某个家庭,经历从0岁开始慢慢长大成人,打工创业,娶妻生子,终老病死,甚至是你平常你敢想而不敢做的事儿都可以体验。你的性别、属性、天赋擅长都是随机的,只有你自己所做出行动和选择可以改变它们。游戏可以体验无数次,也会产生无数次不同的结果,想要玩的出彩,还得动动脑筋。 我们浓缩了中国式的人生,这里有: 1、丰富的人生体验,庞大的中国式细节,以及发展策略的加入。比如:儿时的小回忆、青春期的叛逆、考试的压力、同学兄弟之间的感情、工作打拼的奋斗、恋人之间的小温馨小情绪等等应有尽有。 2、职业的设计更加平衡贴合真实生活,不夸张。每份不同的工作都有不同的事件,结局都不一样。除了打工,后续版本中我们还规划了开公司创业,没有钱的家庭可以通过自己的努力实现富裕。自己的孩子可以加入到公司来一起打拼家族企业。 3、游戏里的人物角色,比如你的爸妈、老公老婆,孩子等等,都是活生生的人,会主动和你互动,对结果产生影响。 4、后代的培养和教育:为了向中国式家长致敬,我们吸纳了很多中国式家长的优点。教育不好的话,子女不孝顺、老了没人养老的悲剧也是有可能发生的。 5、退休以后的生活不再单调无趣,你可以参加老年大学、可以跳广场舞、可以没事参加同学聚会。 由于特色的内容太多,就不再一一列举,请到游戏里直接体验吧!


Park Escape 11: Amusement park

Developer: 深圳市火星人互动娱乐有限公司

The flickering neon under the night, not only has the bright night life, but also buried countless darkness. In the past month, many children have disappeared mysteriously. This series of bizarre disappearances seems to be inextricably linked to the amusement park that has been deserted for many years ... But what really scares people is the mysterious rumors that immediately followed the first detective agency's announcement to abandon the investigation, and it made everyone uneasy ... Is this a murderer or an evil spirit as rumored cause trouble? A rookie detective who has just graduated from a police academy has received an urgent order from a superior. They must detect the case within 2 weeks and find the missing child. What's the secret of the abandoned amusement park? Can they complete the task and save the missing child?



Developer: 网易游戏

《我的世界》(Minecraft)是一款风靡全球的3D沙盒游戏,由网易游戏代理运营的中国版手游。凭借开放自由的游戏世界、超乎想象的游戏玩法,《我的世界》深受上亿玩家的喜爱。玩家可以独自一人、或与朋友们并肩冒险,探索随机生成的世界,创造令人惊叹的奇迹。加载丰富的组件资源,更能够自由定制自己的游戏世界,开启任意你想要的玩法。 冒险家们期盼已久的新朋友——"蜜蜂”正式到来,夏日的清风和活泼的蜜蜂可是今年暑期的绝配;全新家园功能热情上线,个性打造专属于你的新家,说不定这里就成为你与小伙伴们的秘密基地;全新奇幻类玩法《天启:无尽幻境》已蓄势待发,古老的神殿留下了怎样的预言?天启世界又有了怎样的新试炼?不仅如此,焕新界面登陆,多个亮点彩蛋等你发掘。会员开箱专题上线,新增多款随游戏内日出日落自由变化的传说组件,令你即刻拥有魔法般神奇力量。冒险新世界的大门已经打开,让我们一起畅游方块世界! 《我的世界》汇聚海量优质玩法等你体验,无论是充满脑洞的物品添加,还是畅爽PVE玩法,抑或紧张刺激的PVP竞技,你想玩的,这里都有!快拉上小伙伴一同加入冒险家大家庭,随时随地开启创造的崭新篇章!


Find You

Developer: 亘游个人工作室

In the 64-square-kilometer open world, magic stones with supreme power explode in the air, and their fragments are scattered around the world with heavenly fire. The stone fragments have corrupted the world, spawning countless monsters and reigniting the scourge of the Fallen Lands. As a member of the Blizzard City Guardians, you will start your journey from the land of rebirth, find a mate and a child, join the Guardians, examine the strongholds of the main city, and search for the five elements that make up the world. Fight for freedom and Blizzard City, and pierce all beliefs with the sword in your hand. Brave the West, and the gods of Hell and the Nine Pillars will not be able to stop you in your path. Finally unmask the city's hypocrisy and destroy the holy wand, this time no longer for Blizzard City. In the name of the God of Elves, you will lead your mate to a foreign land on the sea and set out afresh in the name of love. Witness the devil's obsession with his lover, the giant god's unyielding faith in challenging the heavens, the Eternal King's path to redemption, and the unknown conspiracy hidden in the night... Take up your sword, warrior, and fight for the one you protect. A new journey, a new Legend of the Sacred Demon, we will eventually meet in this land of ruins! Features - Switch any of the four professions. - Planting. - Hunting. - Gathering. - Pet racing. - Combat adventure.


The Marvelous Snail

Developer: 青瓷

"The Marvelous Snail" is a brand-new work created by Peter, the leader of original team "The Incredible Maze". This is a collection and development game with idle elements and a large sitcom in a cloak of the game. The player will act as a little snail. Through his own efforts, he will eventually surpass all races including humans and become the strongest creature.


Ninja Must Die 3

Developer: 小白工作室

战斗竞技与动作跑酷的完美结合,移动平台上绝无仅有的酷炫游戏体验,风靡全球的忍者必须死系列全新力作! 《忍者必须死3》传承了前作备受好评的美术风格与核心玩法,并对跑酷游戏和横版动作游戏进行了全方位的融合和革新, 真正定义了“动作战斗跑酷”这个全新游戏类型,致力于带给玩家全方位、多层次的游戏乐趣。 独创实时战斗跑酷模式,组队厮杀、合作制敌、家族对抗…诸多原创玩法,点燃战斗狂潮。多样化游戏体验,对战BOSS、空中决斗、限时逃脱、切水果…每一次挑战,都能给你带来新感觉。 在忍者的世界里,聆听唯美古风与现代摇滚巧妙结合的雅音潮乐,品味东方水墨和日式漫画完美结合的独特画风,电光石火之间,手指腾挪,自重重暗器和刀光剑影中杀开一条血路,开启一场爽快炫目的唯美大冒险! 【游戏背景】 三百年前,来自鬼域的鬼族打开罗生之门,入侵阳世。顷刻间,大地崩裂,苍生涂炭!在这场旷世灾难面前,有两位英雄站了出来,带领人们击退鬼族并封印了鬼王。 为了重建人们的家园,并带来长久的和平,英雄们一起建立了和之国。而他们的后人,化身代表光辉荣耀的武士和象征月之暗面的忍者,共同守卫着这个国度。 三百年后的今天,作为统治阶级的武士早已腐朽堕落,他们畏惧忍者那恐怖的力量。猜疑和仇恨,让承平日久的和之国走向了战争的边缘,而被封印百年的鬼族,也悄然露出了爪牙…… 作为一个初出茅庐的萌新忍者,你将见证忍者与武士上百年的恩怨纠缠,直面在阴暗中窥伺人世的神秘鬼族,与扬起叛旗的天才少年展开无尽的宿命螺旋,亲手揭开一个个悬念与阴谋... 血与火铸造的新时代即将到来,你的忍之魂,准备好燃烧了吗? 【关注我们】 官方微信:忍者必须死3 renzhebixusi3 官方微博:@忍者必须死3



Developer: IQ游工作室



King of Glory

Developer: 腾讯

"King of Glory" is the world's first 5V5 champion mobile game, Tencent MOBA mobile game masterpiece! As a MOBA game, "King of Glory" has a lot of features, which makes it unique among similar games. 5V5 King Canyon, 5V5 Abyss battle, as well as 3V3, 1V1 and other various modes of one-key experience, enjoy the most exciting pleasure! Massive champion choice, exquisite cooperate tacit fight! 10 seconds real-time cross matching, and team up with friendsto the top of the Challenger! Easy to control, First Blood, ACE, Godlike, keep the classic experience!


The Everlasting Regret

Developer: 腾讯游戏追梦计划

"The Everlasting Regret" is adapted from the Song of Everlasting Sorrow, a classic narrative poem in the history of Chinese literature. Players can feel the unique charm of Chinese classical poetry through the puzzle full of Oriental aesthetic characteristics. Features *Free creation, no constraints. *Arbitrary modification of the painting. *Unique way to find paintings and solve puzzles.


Swordsman Love 2: Sword Song

Developer: 腾讯

《剑侠情缘2:剑歌行》是由西山居端游原班团队打造的全新国风武侠MMORPG手游。游戏基于国际顶级虚幻4引擎制作,呈现前所未见的顶级唯美国风武侠世界;传承端游竞技基因,拥有1V1竞技场、4V4战场等多竞技玩法,配以独特的同一门派两种流派玩法,将让玩家体验更自由多变的武侠竞技快感。首创开放式经济系统,实体摆摊、装备材料一对一自由交易。此外,轻松自由的江湖社交环境,情缘、师门、帮派、战队等立体仿真社交,让每个人在其中书写属于自己的真实江湖传奇。 【美术】 虚幻四打造 剑侠国风经典新生 作为国内首款基于虚幻四引擎制作MMORPG游戏,产品具备端游级画质:一草一木、一砖一瓦都流转着顶级光影特效,风吹草动、阴雨雷鸣都反映着逼真的天气效果;鳞次栉比的超大主城,气派非凡的门派庄园,玩家可施展轻功自由畅行于广大天地,恣意欣赏经典剑侠的唯美国风。 【竞技】 双流派竞技 招式之间策略对决 首创流派双修玩法,单职业可同时体验武器、技能、装备、秘籍、手感两种不同流派。拒绝数值碾压,战斗时抓住战机自由切换,技能搭配、走位、操作时机才是制胜王道。名剑大会、多人战场,在一步步打败高手后角逐武林至高荣誉。 【经济】 自由经济生态 真实摆摊自主交易 不同于常规的虚拟货架,《剑歌行》首创实体摆摊,玩家可在场景内任选风水宝地实地摆摊;开放式的经济系统,玩家可自主定价、砍价、成交,完全一对一全自由交易。顶级装备、秘籍、材料均可自由交易,在低入高卖中赚取真金白银! 【多样】 独门武林绝学 秘籍诀要个性搭配 首创秘籍诀要玩法,数十种秘籍+百种诀要自由搭配,在应对不同类型的敌人时自由切换;修炼秘籍,可带来额外技能,而诀要可改变技能效果。研究你的敌人,潜心修炼,自创门派达成专属自己的武林绝学! 【个性】 江湖千人千颜 端游捏脸百变时装 继承端游级捏脸体验,五官、肤色、妆容自行“捏造”,千人千面绝不相同;年龄也可自行设置,多维度立体打造真实人设;各异时装部件混搭、染色,打造自己特立独行的一身行头。 【休闲】 告别无聊体验 离线修炼日常一键完成 告别机械无聊的日常任务,升级、秘籍修炼等基础数值积累离线完成。一条龙AI自动开启当下最恰当的属性&任务选择,江湖时间宝贵,只玩你所爱玩!