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Milk Shake Craft: Milkshake Cooking Game for Girls

Milk Shake Craft: Milkshake Cooking Game for Girls

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The game is not available in this country/region


It’s time to write your own bakery story! Run a pastry shop and bake delicious black forest cake, bunny pancake or the very best of kitchen chef - strawberry milkshake! Become a pastry tycoon of the blocky world!

Set up your own pastry shop!
Have you ever dreamt about running your own bakery? Pastry shop? Sweet cake shop? Now it’s time to make your dreams come true! With some help of crafting & building mode you can design, build and craft your own pastry shop! Don’t settle with some poor pizza restaurant or fast food truck. Build your own bakery and share with the world your milkshake recipes - like in the best milkshake games!

Shake your way!
In Milk Shake Craft crafting & building your own pastry shop is just the beginning. Learn how to make a milkshake or how to make a black forest cake and add some strawberries or icy food (like ice creams) to create the most epic milkshake recipes this world’s ever seen! Make a strawberry milkshake, bake a cake or cook owl cookies and serve them to your sweetness-hungry customers! Cook & bake like your mama and become a true sweet shop tycoon!

Expand your business!
Happy customers brings money and… more customers! Use crafting & building mode to rebuild your sweet shop into a large cafe, hire another kitchen chef, buy an advanced milkshake maker or some luxury ingredients and create milkshake recipes for even more delicious shakes! Milk Shake Craft isn’t just one of the simple cooking games for girls. Launch Milk Shake Craft to become a sweet cake shop tycoon and serve the most delicious black desert cake in the blocky world!

🥤 Design, craft & build your own pastry shop.
🥤 Create unique milkshake recipes.
🥤 Use milkshake maker to create delicious strawberry milkshakes - or any other you like!
🥤 Hire a new pastry chef and workers.
🥤 Upgrade your sweet shop or rebuild it into a cafe.
🥤 Become a milkshake tycoon!

Drop all other simple food making games or cooking games for girls and choose Milk Shake Craft - the only game set in the blocky world, which lets you design, craft & build your own pastry shop, bake a black forest cake or bunny pancake. Will you become a cook book master or a milkshake tycoon? DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE and craft a milkshake in the best cooking game for girls of 2018!




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Last Updated on 2018-04-20