Left Right Action - Control two dots

Left Right Action - Control two dots

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Left Right Action is an original indie game with well-designed graphics and UI.

It's a simple and attractive indie game. Control two dots at the same time jumping over the obstacles. It's easy to play and insanely addictive.

- You should use your left hand and right hand to control two dots at the same time jumping over the obstacles.
- Touch left circle to let the top ball jump
- Touch right circle to let the bottom ball jump

- Really addictive when you get familiar with it
- Different colors of game scenes and different types of monument obstacles
- Sound of piano reacts to your manipulation of the ball.
- Hard mode and Hell mode are waiting for you to unlock
- Save and share your progress on Google Play Game

- You will die if any of your two dots hitting the obstacles

- Two beautiful bouncing balls and creative geometric obstacles

This is an indie game and endless game. Challenge your reaction limit! Train you left brain and right brain at the same time. You can also play it with your family and your friends. It's interesting when you play it with other people. One controls one side and the other controls another side.

(1 Player game and 2 player game)

Now, let's enjoy Left Right Action! Have fun!

Email: monster.smelly@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/moster.smelly

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