Tycoon Town - Day for your Hay

Tycoon Town - Day for your Hay

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Welcome to Tycoon Town - Day for your Hay! Build your own perfect and flourishing place. Design it wisely with a view to its future growth for all inhabitants and their needs.

Play the most popular city builder! With a new city builder “Tycoon Town – Day for your Hay you get the maximum of joy!

Try on the role real magnate that have to develop his village to the real metropolis!

Become a king! Protect your people from awful monsters attacks! Hundreds of various bloody thirsting monsters cast around in searching for feast. Only you the one and only king can defend your people and help them to defeat the monsters!

Deploy your best warriors to fight monsters’ bosses!

Strengthen the village economy and develop your business! Start up your own business empire!

Take care of your citizens. You will have to face many exciting tasks: build houses, gather crops, tame animals, explore mysterious caves! Take on leadership and rule them as you wish.

Embellish your township! You always can embellish your settlement with arts and decorations which could inspire your citizens! Transform your small village into beautiful and prosperous metropolis!

Tame the animals! This can be beneficial for your daily routine, and who knows, maybe you’ll compile the real zoo!
Perpetual circle of life! Citizens communicate with one another, work, play, relax: they are living real life! They can do their best with your help!

Entertain your citizens! Build lemonade bar, ice cream stand, entertainment center and candy shop!
Become a discoverer! Explore new lands and discover variety of incredible places!

- Discover the secret stashes with hidden rare resources for farming and countless treasures!
- 3 different life zones are available for your block crafting. All zones vary by lush flora and living creatures!
- Fight the monsters! Various sly and dangerous monsters endanger the safety of the world. Protect your township and its inhabitants!
- Run your own 3D house! Get engaged in agricultural activities! Enter the mass production of foods.
- Domesticate various animals and take care of your livestock! Create a real Zoo!
- Expand your lemonade business – open more lemonade bars!
- Broad system of achievements allow you to craft your own, unique, living block place!
- Start to craft new items, settle a town (your own castle), become the king!

In this magic world you not only have to create the most luxurious and fantastic township but also to explore new territories and fight cunning monsters!

It’s up to you to decide who you want to be in this amazing world!
A builder? You will make a huge municipality! Stories will be told about it and the best crafters keep coming to the city from out-of-the-world parts!

A business man? Your business empire will be the most prosperous and powerful, all the world will look up to you and trying to please you!

A warrior? Your warriors will defeat all evil monsters around the township, bosses will be smashed and the peace will be restored!

An explorer? You will discover the lands no one knew about and your citizens will praise you!

Will you succeed or not? It’s totally up to you!
Become the wealthiest person! Explore new lands!


- Bug fixes
- Stability of the game is increased
- Balance is improved


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