Ashes of War

Ashes of War

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Ashes of War is a cute style war strategy game. You need to build your castle as well as the strongest army to protect it. Train soldiers that have various skills and fight against your enemies who dare to set food on your territory. Train as many units as you can to overpower your opponents. Of course, you could use more strategy here. In Ashes of War, your allies and enemies come from every corner of the world. There are welcoming you with smiling faces, the next second they come to plunder your resources with their planes. You must unite your allies and plunder your enemies to survive the war.
Game features:
#### Cute characters in a tough war
All heroes and units are so cute, and the monsters are even so! Character animations, skills and spells are in the cute style as you can find in some top-notch cartoon movies. You can never resist the temptation of leading these cute soldiers with cute weapons and skills to fight in a even cute war!
#### A royal battle with high tech
Build your castle from square one. Build barracks, depots, trading post, research institutes and more! You need the ability to research new techs as well as a powerful army if you want to win this war. Fight with your soldiers, boost their attack with high tech and overpower your enemies. That’s all you need to do.
#### It asks for no less strategy than strength
You need great wisdom as well as a sea of soldiers to destroy you enemies. Deploy your troops wisely, react quickly and look at the big picture! You can win a battle even when you’re outnumbered!
#### Players on global servers
Tens of thousands of player join this war each day. You need to unite all your allies and build a powerful army to take control of the royal castle. There is alliance war, nation war and world war! Never underestimate any opponents who come from every corner of the world. Be well prepared for an ambush anytime!


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