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📬 Developers Notes

Evening, Dragon Slayers.
First off, we have to thank you for tremendous interests and support.
And we have to greatly apologize for all the issues that occur, the disappointment you’re feeling, and the frequent server maintenances.

We’d like to answer and inform all of you as follows.
1. The long wait on queue & frequent server disconnection.

- These issues occur due to large numbers of players trying to enter the server. We have tried the server expansion, but the issues do not seem to go away. Because when we expand the server capacity, the lags and delays increases too. Therefore, we cannot let it happen as it’ll ruin their gameplay. This is why we have to add servers, to contain more players, to let other players enjoy the game too.
But this doesn’t mean we will stop finding ways to fix it. We will keep on looking for another way to make an improvement for it.

We will soon add 2 more servers “Terramai” and “Karacule”, with 100 Red diamonds giveaway to those who’d like to join in and avoid the bigger crowd.
2. Costume & Item lost after getting disconnected from server.
- We have completely fixed the issue, and it will not happen again.
For the players who’ve lost their items, please contact our Customer Support.
Our support team are working hard to get back to every case and will provide compensation as soon as they can.
3. Freezing at 100% loading screen.
- This issue has been fixed since the latest maintenance (10 Jan 7.30 – 8.30).
4. Have not received the purchased Blue Diamonds.
- We are truly sorry for this issue and thank you for supporting us.
When purchasing Blue Diamonds, they will be sent to your mailbox, not directly added.
But there are some cases that they aren’t in the mailbox either.

For this case, please go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Account’ > ‘Restore Purchase’ and the Blue Diamonds will be sent.
If you’ve tried this but still haven’t receive them, please contact our Customer Support. They’ll take care of every case as soon as they can.
5. Always seeing server maintenance message when entering.
- World of Dragon Nest is only available in South East Asia including Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei and Myanmar.

If you’re trying to enter from other places, the system will always appear as ‘Maintenance’.
For now, due to copyrights, we Nexon Thailand can only operate in South East Asia only.
6. The game force closes without any notice.
- Please check the system requirements below.
• Android ( Galaxy S4 or more)
• OS: 5.0 Lollipop
• Memory (RAM) : 2G or more

• iOS (iPhone 6S or more)
• OS: iOS 11.2 or newer
• Memory (RAM) : 2G or more
If your device does not meet these requirements, this issue will occur.
We try to support the devices as much as we could, but still, World of Dragon Nest was developed to enhance the new gameplay experience.
It requirements are as reasonable as it should be.
We thank you again for your kind understanding.
And please know that we’ll keep on fixing it.


📬开发商注意到晚上好,屠龙人。首先,我们要感谢你们的巨大兴趣和支持。对于发生的所有问题,您的失望,以及频繁的服务器维护,我们深表歉意。我们想回答并通知你们如下。.一。长时间等待队列和频繁的服务器断开连接。-这些问题是由于大量玩家试图进入服务器造成的。我们已经尝试了服务器扩展,但问题似乎并没有消失。因为当我们扩展服务器容量时,延迟和延迟也会增加。因此,我们不能让它发生,因为它会破坏他们的游戏性。这就是为什么我们必须添加服务器,包含更多的玩家,让其他玩家也享受游戏。但这并不意味着我们会停止寻找解决方法。我们将继续寻找另一种方法来改进它。我们将很快增加2台服务器“Terramai”和“karacle”,其中100颗红色钻石将赠送给那些想加入并避开更大人群的人。.2。从服务器断开连接后服装和物品丢失。-我们已经完全解决了这个问题,不会再发生了。对于丢失物品的玩家,请联系我们的客户支持。我们的支持团队正在努力恢复每一个案件,并将尽快提供赔偿。.三。在100%加载屏幕时冻结。-自最近一次维护(1月10日7.30–8.30)以来,此问题已得到解决。.四。尚未收到购买的蓝色钻石。-我们对此深表歉意,并感谢您对我们的支持。购买蓝色钻石时,它们将被发送到您的邮箱,而不是直接添加。但有些情况下它们也不在邮箱里。对于这种情况,请转到“设置”>“帐户”>“还原购买”,蓝色钻石将被发送。如果您已经尝试过但仍然没有收到,请联系我们的客户支持。他们会尽快处理好每一个案子。.5个。输入时始终看到服务器维护消息。-龙巢世界仅在东南亚地区提供,包括菲律宾、印度尼西亚、泰国、马来西亚、新加坡、老挝、柬埔寨、文莱和缅甸。如果您试图从其他地方进入,系统将始终显示为“维护”。目前,由于版权问题,我们Nexon泰国只能在东南亚运营。.6。游戏部队在没有任何通知的情况下关闭。-请检查下面的系统要求。•Android(Galaxy S4或更多)•OS:5.0棒棒糖•内存(RAM):2G或更多•iOS(iPhone 6S或更高版本)•操作系统:iOS 11.2或更新版本•内存(RAM):2G或更多如果您的设备不符合这些要求,则会出现此问题。我们尽可能地支持这些设备,但《龙巢世界》的开发仍然是为了增强新的游戏体验。信息技术要求尽可能合理。.再次感谢您的理解。请知道我们会继续修理它。
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