• 2019-10-24 07:46:54
  • Played game for 2 hours 48 minutes



I'm so happy I was finally able to download this game. Outstanding job to the developers. Well made and great game play. Love the fact you can walk around the city part and then during battle to the parallel word. Great ACGN game. Wish the game was more open world with more stuff like Dragon RAJA from Tencent. 


  • 逢亮
  • 3楼
  • Played game for 7 hours 50 minutes
where are u from?
  • popiu
  • 4楼
  • Played game for 2 hours 29 minutes
no,it's a trash
  • that is your opinion. just because you may not understand the game doesn't mean it's bad. I rather play COD mobile more

word? 字都能打错,xswl[嗒啦啦2_哈哈]
The landlord said what is? I totally do not understand?
My phone is very very very hot when i play the game,it is a bad game.
ying ying ying?
  • 15
  • 10楼
Are u sure?
  • I like the game. but to be honest I play COD mobile much more

Nice comment,thanks.
You know this two games are in different types.  
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