• 2019-10-23 19:42:10

Cannot be installed


There is still 6GB of internal memory, but why can't it be installed. Even though it is in accordance with the specifications of Android 9 with Android ROM stock. Please help me, I have tried installing it since the First CBT


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I think it's an incompatibility problem。
I have received the same problem from other players, please wait for the solving announcement given by the game's official,or you can delete some software and try it again. I’m so sorry.
so bro where you from? if you from JP i think you should download JP Vgame it is better to you. 
  • oh! the game inventor says please wait this problem will fix bro

  • yeah, the admin has replied to my post

谷歌翻译:仍然有6GB的内部存储器,但是为什么不能安装。 即使它符合具有Android ROM库存的Android 9的规格。 请帮助我,自从第一次CBT以来我就尝试安装它
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I think you maybe need 8gb of internal memory to install this game (i even delete honkai impact3 to install this game)[嗒啦啦2_起了杀心]
  • If there is a notification "cannot be installed" or delete other games to leave plenty of memory, surely the result will still be "cannot be installed"

很抱歉给您带来了不好的游戏体验,在官方置顶帖反馈问题效率更高哦 https://www.taptap.com/topic/8082406
  • Thanks, I have already submitted a bug in the comment

  • Received your feedback, wish you a happy game!

wht type of ur phone,can u tell me?
  • My Type phone: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

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