• 2019-10-22 08:47:29

plants VS zombies


PVZ 2 has added many new functions, brighter interface animation has been injected into the new version of the game, and also added the two-person mode, which can fight zombies online together. The screen performance is 8.0 points: the modeling of plants and zombies is still bright and lovely. Sound effect 8.5 points: relaxed and cheerful music is like a cute zombie in the game, along with the whole game. It is also worth noting that the sound of zombies in the Egyptian is very appropriate. The long roar makes people feel that these zombies are killed from far and near the bottom of the pyramid. Compared with the monotonous call in PVZ 1, the latter two levels will also be adjusted according to the scene. Game experience 9.0 points: after each pass, there are always some new discoveries. Before stopping, the player will always say, "play one more level, play one more level." Playability 8.0 points: plants and zombie species are increasing with the improvement of level, as well as puzzle solving mode and endless mode. It's just that some of the little games in PVZ 1 are cancelled in the new version.

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