John T
#2 John T
It maybe just because the game is not start test yet,I remember it is start today but sorry I forgot time.
  • Paulmark

    i install it 3x but it wont work -_- pls help me . there is no english translator in the game he he he

つ゛ 233
hello,now ok!
  • Paulmark

    i cannot install it :( pls help me fix this

  • つ゛ 233

    Uh... It's not yet to open the service time. As long as the server opens at a specific time, it's OK, and now the server is open.

  • Paulmark

    how can i know if the server is now open ?? pls help me :(

  • Paulmark

    what time ?

  • つ゛ 233

    Yesterday, ten points, that is, the number 13, 10, about your mobile phone can not be installed, I am sorry I do not know:)

#4 Paulmark 楼主
 pls help me fix this :(





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