Thx everyone!

Joel Kingfisher Joel Kingfisher 楼主 2017-12-12 16:38:12 10096
The game can be played i used qq
Thx those who helped! me!
Special thx!

更新于 2017-12-16 14:55:02

You need WeChat
this game needs Chinese id card,you can try another game
You can try to use the QQ
You can use your Wechat or QQ enter the game 

The  green  is  WeChat  
The  blue  is  QQ
Don't worry about it ! 
233,你在sea what??
Where are you from? 
sorry,the gamesis no interesting,so you needn,t play with it. thank you,we are not the same country.
You need one of these two choices
You should go to download the qq or wechat
in app store
This game takes a lot of money
yoou need wechat or qq just like ins to enter game
You can add my QQ,  I'll teach you 
My QQ number is 3213715024 
  • Joel Kingfisher
    2017-12-14 15:23:35

    how to use it?

  • ༺๑上დ上ღ谦๑༻
    2017-12-14 18:49:26

    You can download a QQ chat software, create a QQ number, and then add me, I'll show you how to do it, my QQ number is 3213715024

  • ༺๑上დ上ღ谦๑༻
    2017-12-14 18:54:03

    This game requires a QQ account to play, you can download it directly from the browser, register it again, enter the game after registration is complete, click QQ to log in, and then authorize it, but the game is not Chinese, you may find it a little difficult to play, it's a great game and then

  • ༺๑上დ上ღ谦๑༻
    2017-12-14 19:11:35

    By the way, where are you from?

  • Joel Kingfisher
    2017-12-16 14:46:53

    am from India!

To register QQ, you need a mailbox 
I can lend you a useless QQ, but only two days later, I will change the password. QQ account is:1592824508 the password is:abc123456987
  • 👺
    2017-12-13 00:29:16

    You can use it to play this game

  • Joel Kingfisher
    2017-12-14 15:23:56

    thx but I like to make my own one help me!

哈哈哈哈what to do。不是what should I do么。
first,you have to download QQ or wechat .then ,apply for a  QQ number or wechat  number.   of crouse,you can aslo try entering as a tourist.I  have tried it  in  《king  of  glory》 before.  you can try it
  • Joel Kingfisher
    2017-12-13 16:29:31

    okay let my try

  • 佚名
    2017-12-13 17:43:01

    l think if you try it,you can possible enter it

  • Joel Kingfisher
    2017-12-14 15:24:20

    I tried WeChat but can't register

  • |
    2017-12-14 18:00:57

    you need to use your phone number to register

dont  pretend  to  be  a  forigner  i  know  you are  chinese

you need QQ or wechat
......Well the first is QICQ(social software) The second is WeChat(social software) Both are logins
sorry I don't know too much English. But I think I can help you a lot 
sha diao,cia yi ge wei xin




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