Can my phone Handle this game?

IF T Ey IF T Ey 楼主 2017-12-11 18:16:03 9104
Ram 2gb....  Android version 6
The mobile phone that should be stored at least 4G,
  • IF T Ey
    2017-12-11 18:38:36

    I use wifi... and my phone storage is 8gb...

  • Tao
    2017-12-11 22:55:27

    wifi can handle

  • 无妨
    2017-12-12 09:06:31

    he meant that the ram should be at least 4g, but i think 2g is okay, maybe your phone can run it at a low picture quality

  • ——陌生人.
    2017-12-12 18:05:43

    If the processor is, the long dragon is better than the 8g.

  • ≮可能O_o~比较②
    2017-12-21 15:01:29


Plz tell me it run on my phone or not..
you will know when this game is out.
we haven't played this game.
Should be able to play, I can not understand!
yes you can
where are you from?
my phone is 2gb,too. i think it can handle this game,tenxun is good at this
It has not been released yet.But based on the experience of other similar games on mobile phones,You may not be the first players in this game.Maybe you need to wait for a short time,the offical will pay more attention to optimize it.
You might be able to run this configuration but why are you driving the airplane mode? And who are you? Hello, welcome to China
Can you speak Chinese
I cann't understand what you said. 
Hi According to the official notice of your mobile phone configuration can play this game, but the smooth degree depends on the optimization results (◔◡◔)
ur cell phone can run this game
 I think you can do it, but maybe you should buy a new phone. Because it have eightCPU,
Such as subsequent official notification.
u can try when the game can be download
Yes, you can
Do you want to play with me and add a QQ?
Basic configuration for playing games? ? 
Something like that. 
A group of English titans
wo jue de ni ke yi wan de.
take it easy buddy.tencent game,money is all right.
Wow, I don't know 
yes You Can




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