Dear chinese friends

Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia 楼主 2017-12-11 13:56:17 762
Will I be able to play this game on my LGE LGMP260 (2017 LG K10)
you must use Chinese mobile phone to play this game.
no,my friend
Sure u can, ur phone just need a QQ and u need a QQ number to launch this game, but the game hasn't been completed as an OBT, so u need to wait to see whether ur k10 can run the game fluently.
no,i don't know你的意思
あなたは国内システムの携帯電話を使用する携帯電話を使用しなければならない e....Is it wrong?
So you were to From?
And From were?
It is impossible for the LG phone to run PUBG.
No, but you can go to the Jedi survival website to download it or TapTap to download it
Kiss my ass 
For sure,of cause you can play this game.You just download a app call QQ or Wechat.Register a account.You can play with QQ and We chat account.But for now appointment for now.(Hope it will help):)
Your LG phone belongs to Android and should be able to play
on,must on the phone and in china




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