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Dear Warrior: I don't know if you have seen the [GamePlay] Intrusion&Summon I sent last month.The core idea OF [Intrusion&Summon] is to use limited body language to create rich interactions with players from different factions in the game world OF [BLADE OF GOD2]. We wanted players to be able to summon spirits from other players to help them fight or fight strong enemies in battle scenarios.In addition, it allows you to actively choose to invade another player's world. All the choices are up to the player. This idea was applied not only to[ illusion and summon], but also to the[ sacrificeand Redemption]. We want the player to enter the world of [BLADE OF GOD2] and be truly involved in it, to meet and choose as the protagonist, and to have a unique emotional experience in the process.We believe that only in this way can the game be alive. So the producer proposed the[ Sacrifice&Redemption ] gameplay idea [影片] In the deserted world, the exiled goddess of the underworld abandoned her original body in order to achieve the transformation of her image and the promotion of her power, and achieved the present body through some way.On the other hand, this is a new person, her fate is completely new, although the world order is on the verge of collapse, but the direction of the story entirely depends on her every choice. At the beginning of the journey, hela's book of Destiny is empty.As the story unfolds, she will encounter all kinds of challenges and choices.In the midst of these choices, the new key words of destiny will breed good, evil, and chaos in her every move. The key words of fate will pull the new born along the way, which will affect the story of the game, and even the ending. As mentioned in a previously published article, the core concept o [BLADE OF GOD2] is sacrifice and redemption. The "door" of truth once gave the traveler the old maxim:In order to obtain it, one must give something of equal value.In days of growing chaos.In the days of growing chaos, countless people with hidden ambitions came to sacrifice with all kinds of precious objects.Many people come here, but very few leave.as the stuff they brought not valuable enough, or was their understanding of sacrifice wrong? Does the word sacrifice mean offering something else in exchange for one's survival or sacrificing oneself to save souls lost in the darkness and the world falling apart? The understanding of this word will have to wait until the release of [BLADE OF GOD2]. 來自TapTap [ID:77264512 Blade of god]

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