7.7 score

官方正版授權,絕地求生正版手遊上線啦!PUBG MOBILE 專為手機端設計,遊...

Going Downhill!!! PUBG used to be my favorite game but in the past year or so the lagging is very irritating and the amount of hackers/cheaters is unbearable. You can tell that many people are using location hacks, aim bots, and much more. I know that the updates are supposed to kick them out but it's not working. Almost everytime I play it I encounter this it's out of control. This game was 5 stars but now not so much. Might delete it to save memory.

After the last few updates it got laggy again. There is a delay on touch. Whenever I look to the right there's a delay before the character actually look to the right so it makes it so hard to aim when hip firing. The game is not as smooth as when you updated it with the ledge grab and BRDM. I am using a decent phone and my ping is around 20ms.

Terrible, just terrible performance on top tier devices with the best hardware available. Especially during high speed driving. Nobody cares for paid stuff (which is another question altogether), the performance is where it's at! Also, there's more and more cheaters. A year ago or so there weren't so many of them. This and that ruins the game. Yuck!



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