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The Swords

The Swords

Screenshot of The Swords
Screenshot of The Swords
Screenshot of The Swords
Screenshot of The Swords
Screenshot of The Swords


Special price of 1 yuan for sale in China.
No internet connection, no in-buy, one purchase to play endlessly.

Having seen too many low polygons, too many large color blocks, too much flat and minimalist design, the ink-filled "The Swords" will lift your spirits right from the start. In the ink transformed into a sword and shadow, embodying the momentum of martial artists fighting each other. With the majestic thick ink slashes, the frenzied straw calligraphy, the unguarded poisonous hidden weapons, the rhythm of the ink calligraphy, and the powerful sound of clanging metal, players can feel how the sword dancer, hidden behind a white background, flies around the group of enemies with his sword.

- Chinese martial arts game with action aesthetics.
- Unique gameplay, using a variety of touch operation mechanics, showing different ways to move the sword.
- Ink painting and calligraphy constitute the artistic expression.


Version 1.1.24 2021-12-14
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Publisher XD
Developer Sunhead Games
供应商 心动网络股份有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91310000579197139A
Current Version 1.1.24
Size 43 MB
Last Updated on 2021-12-14
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements No System Requirements
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