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AR Race Car


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Augmented Reality just got real. From life-sized race cars out on the street, beach or backyard to toy-sized cars on your desk or living room floor, AR Race Car gives you the thrill of tire-smoking burnouts, drifting and cornering wherever you are.

AR Race Car is Augmented Reality like you've never seen it before! Take it out into the street, drop a car, scale it up to full size and lay down some tire smoking burnouts! Or scale it down and rip it up on your desktop or living room floor!

Realistic high-res models, shadows, and engine-revving and tire-spinning sound effects will make it feel like the cars are right there with you! Fasten your seat belt, start your engine and prepare to be blown away as you drive your Augmented Reality Race Car anywhere you want in the REAL WORLD!

● Scan your environment to find real-world flat surfaces to drive on!
● Scale your car from toy-sized to LIFE-SIZED!
● Easily record, edit and share video of your cars racing around!
● Choose from 6 high resolution retro racing cars! (more coming soon)
● Adjust your car performance from easy, to race, to full-on drift!
● Make tire-smoking burnouts that leave skid marks on your racing surface!
● Realistic engine and tire sounds!
● Real-world lighting and shadows!

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If you disabled camera permission, the app will remind you that you need to enable camera permission in iOS Settings.

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