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0.16.5 Updated
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Editor notes

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 is now updated! New Season Royale Pass, Domination Mode!
* This is an in-game update

The game is KR version. Overseas users, please download the global version.
Global version:

PUBG MOBILE Discord Channel:

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  • English
  • Korean
  • Require network
  • No proxy need from China
  • Android 4.3 and above


▶Domination: Town◀
Domination: Town has now arrived. Enjoy new 4 vs. 4 battle royale matches.
Occupy the town faster than your enemies and lead your team to victory!

▶Royale Pass S11◀
Royale Pass S11 has been newly released.
Get various skins and rewards with the theme of Operation Tomorrow!

▶2020 New Year Event◀
Happy New Year!
Diverse events are staged to celebrate the New Year.
Log in now and get rewards!

▶New Ride Snowbike◀
A new vehicle Snowbike has arrived on Vikendi as a replacement for the motorcycle.
Move fast and swiftly with Snowbike!

▶ Official inquiry URL ◀

▶ Personal Information Policy ◀

【Mandatory item】

【Optional item】
1) Allowing access to photos
- Unable to share, upload or save in-game screenshots without allowing access to photos.
2) Allowing access to microphone
- Unable to chat or record without allowing access to the microphone.

*Services outside the features relating to these permissions will still be provided even if the user does not allow access to the photo/microphone apps.

* How to revoke access per app
Setting > Battlegrounds > Switch Microphone Off
Setting > Battlegrounds > Switch Photos Off

* How to revoke access per feature
Setting > Privacy> Microphone > Switch off Battlegrounds
Setting > Privacy> Photos > Switch off Battlegrounds

* Services outside the features relating to these permissions will still be provided even if the user does not allow access to the photo/microphone apps.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 1.62GB
  • Current Version: 0.16.0
  • Update Time:
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Latest Version :7.1 Android:8.5 iOS:9.4
  • 狐丸
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    之后也对 和平精英 这款坑钱又偷懒的游戏 不感兴趣,但是也买了手册只能偶尔玩吧。至少都是陪朋友一起玩。其实 和平精英 部分都输给了 国际服,比如 地图 优化等。

    嘛。跟日本人玩果然真香~当你进入日本人的房间记得说 onegaishimasu 。(当然你进入房间对方也会说)这意思是 拜托 的意思,虽然我也不懂为什么要这么说,但是也对日本人尊重一下吧。

    还有 日本人 都是很温和的人,请不要欺负 日本人w(身为最爱日本的我ww)

  • 手机用户61826139

    i want to play Pubg mobile Korean please i don't get download button why

  • Waiting Jane
    Played game for 59 hours 5 minutes



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    Played game for 9 minutes

    PUBG Mobile

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    Very good


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