Pixel Dinosaur ARK Survival

Pixel Dinosaur ARK Survival

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You conducted experiments in your laboratory trying to create a portal, but something went wrong and you were thrown into the pixel lands, where mysterious and dangerous pixel monsters and ancient dinosaurs live. In order to survive, you need to learn how to tame wild dinosaurs, build housing, get food and figure out how to fix the portal and return home! Construct buildings from cubes, craft special weapons and go hunting!

You have 7 completely different biomes with different styles for ark survival gameplay available! Build durable shelter, explore the labyrinths of caves, create high-tech portals to quickly escape from ferocious dinosaurs. And all of this in a huge open world sandbox of Survive Pix ARK Game!

- Build unique pixel buildings of any size and shape in pixark mod. You can construct whatever you want!

- Visit all of the ark biomes, collect unique items and sell them or use them to craft something very rare!

- The new Ark survival evolved pixel mod allows you to modify terrain and unlock new locations on the map.

- Incredible set of tools for crafting and modifying weapons, armor, shelter, traps and guns for dinosaurs.

- Level up your skills - for the game to fully adapt to your abilities!

- Unique game style! Pixel graphics and awesome soundtracks!

- Friendly community that awaits you in the chat room!

Fight the dinosaurs or tame these pixel creatures to fully own the world of survival! Just be careful - they are very insidious! Go on a quest for crazy survival adventures in the most unusual game world!


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  • 厂商: Royale Battle llc


最新版本 :7.2 Android:7.3






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