Super Flood - Color Match

Super Flood - Color Match

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Super Flood is a color matching and strategy game where you try to color the game board in the last number of moves. You match colors and expand the colored floor area by choosing a valid color from an adjacent square to the current flood area.

Color the blocks and bricks as quickly as you can while also being smart about minimal moves. Breathe deep and remain calm to avoid feeling block puzzle mania. Although some heuristic strategies work well to create a color cascade(such as trying to move as quickly as you can from top left to bottom right), you should also take into consideration a few moves ahead and slightly different flow optimization techniques and algorithms as well. The human brain will surprise you in how well it can think ahead and start making one color avalanche after another.

Super Flood can be played in 3 different game modes: single player (solo mode), multi-player versus the computer, and 2 player multiplayer mode where two human players take turns. In multiplayer mode the objective changes slightly in that your mission is to have the most colored squares at the end of the game.

Note that the game may be slightly harder or easier depending on the random selection of tiles. Note that you can refresh the game board at any time. We recommend however that you accept the game board as they are more often than not. Harder levels allow you to improve your flood game play expertise which will help you play faster and better in any circumstance.

Our flood game comes with multiple achievements you can earn during game play. Most of these are centered around completing rounds faster and in in less movies. As you progress in your color flood game play and improve color matching prowess, achievements will allow you to optimize and up your game even more. Furthermore you can also show off your achievements of being a flood master to your friends. Stop smack talking and backup your mastery with proof!

Super Flood can be played using many color schemes including color blind mode. Adjusting the game color palette and also the background soundtrack music (switching on or off) can be modified in the game settings.

If you are familiar with graph theory and flow algorithms then you should be especially excited to play flood versus the computer (or even on your own in single player mode). Apply graph theory flow algorithms to play against the machine and try to beat our advanced artificial intelligence (AI). You can choose the level as easy if your are too much of a sissy to play difficult mode like a grown-up.

See you soon on Super Flood - the most fun color marching and color puzzle strategy game.

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