Square Smash - Reverse Blocks

Square Smash - Reverse Blocks

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Square Smash is a block puzzle arcade and strategy game with a twist - new rows of mutli-color blocks move up from the bottom of screen using the opposite vector of what you would expect. This gravity switch allows the square blocks to stack toward the top of the screen in reverse.

Your mission is to smash groups of 3 or more similarly colored choppy blocks. Whenever you tap a group of same color squares, that colored block chain will collapse and the remaining squares will re-group. The game ends when the rows of blocks extend beyond the top of the screen.

Square Smash comes in 2 modes - infinite (unlimited taps) and also 100 taps. The difference between the two is that unlimited tap mode allows you to play as long as you can until blocks go beyond top of the screen. 100 taps mode allows you to play until either you lose or you reach 100 taps. In both cases you should aim to maximize points as you blast and unblock the biggest groups of geometric blocks possible at any given moment and also play faster speeds which allow you to more quickly accumulate points.

In settings you can adjust the game play speed and also turn background music sounds on and off. Settings for soundtrack and game speed can be found in the main menu.

With square smash you can look forward to a line up of many hours of fast color matching and geometry dash fun playing a reverstris style vector block game. Every time you try to put it down we can guarantee you will want to play just one more time :) Soon you will dreaming about when you can crush, blast, and blow up more squares. Boom boom pow!

As you progress in this reversi unblock puzzle game be sure to employ strategy and think a few moves ahead rather than aimlessly blast and crush block segments at random. If you select the right bricks and cubes to obliterate then you can be in position for compound moves and position the blocks in better ways after the collapse and as new rows come up from the bottom.

We hope that you enjoy our new classic geometry arcade game. See you soon at the top of our high score lists!

About us: Yomno is a game studio that develops and publishes fun, addictive games for Android. Our team has developed games that across our multiple brands have been played by over 150 million people worldwide with some of our top markets and categories being: Social Casino Games in the US, Canada, Mexico. Puzzle games in Colombia, Argentina, Philippines, Israel, and Indonesia. Strategy Games in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden. Arcade and Racing Games in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


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