Israel League Chempions

Israel League Chempions

Euro Champ

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EuroChamp is as simple as a soccer game!
Try and guess the exact score of each game and earn points in the following way:

1) Accurate guess = (Bulls) the player will receive 5 points
2) In case of a tie/ guessing winning team (Cows) = the player will receive 3 points
3) Right guess of the euro champion = the player will receive points depending on the team's ranking.
Group A: 6 Points
Group B : 15 Points
Group C: 30 Points
4) Right guess of The top goal Scorer = The player will receive points depending on the Scorer's ranking
Group A: 6 Points
Group B : 15 Points
Group C: 20 PointsOverall, this friendly game is for entertainment purposes. Whoever uses this game for other purposes is on the responsibility of the user exclusively.
Rules of the game and participation:
1. The game will be created during the season of Israel League 2016-2017
2. Results and scoreboards will be updated regularly
3. The winner will determine how many points each participant will receive at the end of the season
4. Every participant can start a team of their own so they can determine which participants have higher scores. For example, 10 students in a class or 10 workers in a work place can participate in the tournament, but can also start a smaller tournament of their own
5.One can guess the champion team and the top goal sorcerer only before the 1/10/16. You can not change your choise after this date.
6.You can try to guess the accurate score up to 5 minutes before the the match.
The points you'll earn depends on how close your guess was to the actual score.
For example, you marked Maccabi Tel Aviv will win Hapoel Tel Aviv 3-1 .
If Maccabi Tel Aviv wins 3-1 you earn 5 points.
If Maccabi Tel Aviv wins 0-1 you earn 3 points.
If the match ended in a tie you earn 0 points.
7. One of the game will mark as a main game and get on Accurate guess 10 points and on guessing winning team 6 points.
8. This App is strictly a game meant only for entertainment purposes. We do not support or encourage any kind of gambling.


1. You can see your friends bets
2. Added weekly leaderboard
3. You can always see top rated users
4. Performance improvements
5. Bug fixes


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