Princess. Dragon Cave

Princess. Dragon Cave

👸Princess. 🐉 Dragon Cave

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Help the princess escape from the dragon's cave and run to her castle

Terrible dragon has kidnapped the princess and hid her in his cave. But while the dragon was asleep, the princess escaped and now she needs to run to her castle. The road is very dangerous - caves, hanging bridge, forest, lake and other difficulties.

Dragon discovered the loss and set off in pursuit! Princess needs help to overcome all obstacles and reach the castle
The game consists of 10 interesting levels

1) Dragon's Cave
While the dragon is still sleeping princess must find a way out of his cave. Use "swipe" to turn left or right and one more "swipe" to start moving.

2) Zig-zag road
After the dragon's cave princess must run on a zigzag road. This road has many turns, you should be very careful not to fall down. Use the "swipe" to turn left or right.

3) Dwarf’s Cave
Usually a lot of dwarves work in this cave, but now they are hiding, because they saw the dragon. In a panic, they left all their tools, carts and ore - the runner has to avoid all this obstacles.

4) Old hanging bridge
Princess runs on a hanging bridge between two mountains. But this bridge is very old and has a lot of broken boards. Help the runner does not fall into these holes.

5) Cave maze
This is gloomy cave with a lot of turns and dark corridors. The princess must find way out from this maze.

6) Zigzag stairway
Finally the mountains are over. Now the princess must run down by stair with many turns. To reach the end of the stairs princess should just turn left or right at the right time.

7) Forest road
The road passes through dense forest. Running through the forest is difficult, because on the road a lot of fallen trees, roots, stones and logs. Use the "swipe" left or right to turn, swipe down to slide under fallen trees and "swipe" up to jump over logs.

8) Crossing the river
Princess near the big river. There is no bridge across the river, so the princess runs on floating logs and jumps from one log to the another.

9) Road with holes
Princess runs on a road that has a lot of holes. If the princess is not careful, it will fall into the water, so try to avoid all the holes on the road

10) Burning city
Finally, the princess reached the city. She already can see her castle, but she is still in danger. The dragon is very angry, he wants to burn everything in this city. Streets in the fire but princess is running to her castle. Save the princess from the fire and help her get home


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