Word Teaser - Word Game

Word Teaser - Word Game

Word Teaser

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Wordsmiths and fans of word games can tease their vocabulary with this fantastic game. Beat the clock as you find the correct word inside a letter grid with trial and error! The game's objective is to spell out the given word as you swipe to connect adjacent letters in a 5x5 grid. As you slide away, the letters will show various colors that determine if they are part of the answer. You have about 90 seconds to search and guess through puzzling levels of various game modes!Presenting the best free word games available on Android. Hidden word brain game teaser at its best.
To help get you started we have included free power up for all new players in this word game, wordbrain teaser game.
Time to put on your thinking caps and enjoy this one of the best hidden words and word brain games.
Available in 3 different game modes, Word Teaser is one of the most fun word games on google play. You can play SOLO, aim for longest streaks and fight against the worldwide players to reach on top in leaderboard. If you’re looking for something more, there is long list of categories that lets you play with the hand-picked words. This list comprises most common but popular topics like word games animals, countries, brands, colors, sports, fruits , cities, flowers , cars , clothing , maths, nature, science, kids, food, cats, dogs & veggies and many more.
The awesomeness of this wonderful word game doesn’t end here. If you have a knack for challenges, there is real-time multiplayer mode that lets you play against your friends or random opponents across the world. Challenge, Play and see who’s the best.
Gone are the days for Word Game fans when they had only word search, scrabble, and crosswords as their choices. Word Teaser gives you a fresh and awesome game experience.
In short stimulates brain with a unique flavor of word search,word find ,puzzle and word learning. Keeps you yearning for more.Hunt for words, crush your opponents. word crush game.
Come and Join the “League of World’s Best Word Finders”.
Highlights of Word Teaser:
* Three different modes to play: SOLO, MULTI and CATEGORIES
* More than 20 CATEGORIES to chose from
* Games designed to act as Brain Teasers.
* Play with friends or other players around the world in MULTIPLAYER mode
* Cool Achievements to unlock
* Earn Medals for longer streaks
* Global leaderboard
* Word games free for adults, girls , kids, boys, all ages
* Word finding games
* Word find puzzle
* Word learning
* Word hunt games
* Word swipe control
* Word games for kids 5 years free
* Real time online multiplayer word games
* Word swipe game
* Innovative hangman style word games.
* Fun way to Word learning word games with dictionary meaning.
* Addictive word brain teaser games
* best new word search game 2016
* Crush opponents in the multiplayer hidden word game.
If you like games such as WordBubbles, Word Search or Words With Friends, then you'll love Word Teaser. Lets start the word hunt.


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