Birthday Cake - Sweet Dessert

Birthday Cake - Sweet Dessert

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Birthday party is the sweetest party of the year!

Birthday cake is the sweetest dessert in the party!

What is most fabulous birthday cake looks like in your mind?

Let us go to mama's kitchen and bake the most fabulous BIRTHDAY CAKE for my birthday party!

Act like a real cake master, bake it, decorate it, and create the unique birthday dessert in your way! Do not worry, mama will not blame us today!

Cake making always start with adding all the ingredients in the food processor. Then carefully mix them together. It is an important step before baking the cake. If you are a food cooking fever, you will always pay attention to every detail in the food cooking process.
I hope mama could let me use her kitchen more to practice my dessert baking skills and cooking techniques! The truth is, the more cooking techniques you get, the better the cake can be baked.

After finished the baking process, it is time to get creative! From the base to the border, we get to choose what we want on our yummy cake!
There are hundreds of different decoration combinations to create your favorate dessert ! Choose from a huge range of decorations such as frosting caps, frosting colors, icing patterns, yummy flavors, all kinds of candies, fruits, icing flowers,etc. And there are more than 40 different beautiful candles to decorate our cake! So many sweet choices~~~
Now, everything seems perfect enough, it seems ever better than the cake mama created!

Cooking and eating makes life so wonderful! As a dessert food fever, it is hard to resist the temptation of sweet desserts! I can not waite to eat this sweet birthday cake! Forget the mess of the kitchen, let's PARTY!!!!!
Are you still waiting for mama's help on decorating the party room? Noooooo~~~, let us decorate it ourselves!
Party, music, balloons, lights, gifts, candles, yummy birthdy cake, all kinds of foods and friends arounded! So sweet! All things happened just want to show us how perfect the day is~!

Happy birthday! Little cake master!

- Multiple food cooking steps.
- Hundreds of different decorating combinations for birthday cake!
- Create all kinds of birthday cakes you can dream of!
- Decorate the sweet desserts in your own style after cooking!
- Bake, decorate and serve the yummy dessert by simply scratch, tap to enjoy double fun!
- Share your perfect dessert creations in the party, and share the food cooking process with your friends!

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