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One Piece: Burning Will

One Piece: Burning Will

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22年1月6日 2.0全新大版本
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Screenshot of One Piece: Burning Will
Screenshot of One Piece: Burning Will
Screenshot of One Piece: Burning Will
Screenshot of One Piece: Burning Will


The route is endless, the dream is never extinguished, the first anniversary celebration of genuine 3D One Piece mobile game "One Piece: Burning Will" is grandly opened! In order to bring an original mobile game of One King to the majority of players, the research and development team has refined the game's art style, scene construction, character appearance, and core battles. In the game, players will go to the sea with Luffy, meet Zoro, Nami, Shanzhi and other partners in turn, and embark on the adventure of conquering great routes. The original voice-over voice-over dubbing, host-level picture performance in full 3D scenes, brings players the ultimate audiovisual experience. The classic characters in the "One Piece" animations such as Luffy, White Beard, Empress, Raleigh, Luo, and Ace are all modeled into the game with a 1: 1 model. Each character's moves strictly follow the design of the original animation. Fighting effects such as retreat and penetration are very expressive. Players can cultivate and build their own strongest team through character collection, equipment collection, and skill enhancement. They can find a battle combination that suits them, and experience exploring the plot, collecting characters, and bloody battles. Multiple pleasures. The game incorporates the meticulous picture expressions of the next-generation games in the player's battle process, the smooth combo unlimited infinite combo, the gorgeous three-dimensional battle perspective, and the unparalleled fingertips battle thrill! It also has real-time real-world team formation, open and interactive free trading, a new island hegemony gameplay is launched, free use of all characters, and fair competition strategy comes first. The courage and strength of the elites, let us go together to the great route, to pursue the passionate youth and immortal dreams!


Dear Captains,
The route is endless, the dream is never extinguished, and unknowingly, "One Piece: Burning Will" ushered in its first birthday, thank the captains for their continuous support and company!
It is the arrival of the captains that filled the game with laughter and emotions. The official team will continue to bring the original animated plots and the blood-fighting battle experience to the captains who love the One Piece!
The first anniversary of the burning of will, this is a holiday for all of us. I wish you all a happy captain in the anniversary celebration!

Hope that "One Piece: Burning Will" mobile game will let you relive the classics and blood of the year;
Hope you find your past pursuit and love here;
Hope that "One Piece: Burning Will" mobile game can get your support and recognition.

We continue to update the content of the game, and do our best to bring the most memorable experience to the players who love One King, and relive the most classic memories. Hemi will always accompany the captains and move forward to the great route !!

Official website address: http://op.aligames.com/


Version 2022-01-05
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