Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas

Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas

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Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas - an action game with a unique gameplay.

The protagonist is a gangster who was in a state of free fall in a mine filled with various obstacles. Your task is to manage to bypass obstacles in order to prolong the already short life of a real gangster.
But do not think that we threw this dangerous guy into the thick of events without the right to survive. At your disposal will be bonuses that will increase the chances of survival, such as winding time, jerk and others. But whatever you do, this gangsta will still die, the only question is how many meters will he live, falling in an infinitely low mine. Use all your strengths, do not let the bandit break into a cake in the first 10 meters.

Compete with your friends, whose gangster will fly the longest distance! It all depends on your reaction and your skills.

Features of Grand Stunt Jump San Andreas

- 3D game from the third person in the style of San Andreas
- Real gangsters like in games or Gangster
- Unique gameplay based on free fall
- High performance on any device
- Convenient management of the game
- No Weiss City, only Gangster in free flight
- Fascinating drop down
- Music that complements the gameplay
- Realistic graphics
- The best game about Basejumping, Wingsuit and skydiving
- Dynamic map

This is a runner based on free fall, and unlike other runners, there is complete freedom of movement.

Use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move around, and also operate the camera on the right side of the screen to look around.


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