Jurassic VR - Google Cardboard

Jurassic VR - Google Cardboard

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★ Updated the app for the latest version of Google Cardboard.
★ New non-VR mode, you can now experience the Dino park without having to wear VR goggles
★ Stability and frame-rate fixesHave you ever wanted to meet Dinosaurs in real life? Experience the ultimate dino ride with Jurassic VR - Google Cardboard
Freely roam the open environment en poke round the beautiful cedar evergreen trees to see huge dinos come to life. You can go to any point and see the sites and dinos in VR. Players get to experience the site at their own pace and the mission is simple; enjoy and discover the world of prehistoric dinosaurs before the modern world cities were built. It's like a virtual reality attraction traveling you back to prehistoric times!
The ultimate experience
There is no need anymore to become an archaeologist and dig the earth for fossilised dino bones to learn more about the majestic creatures that ruled our earth 65 million years ago. Archaeology is simply to boring and digging up fossils take a whole lot of time. You can study them right now using your VR goggles!
Meet and greet with your favourite dino
This amazing app is like a time machine that takes you back in time. Learn more about the history of dinosaurs and stand in awe as you explore a rich virtual reality world filled with insidious 3d details. Explore the island’s Jurassic shores and dense jungle and learn about this chapter in history. Safely observe the deadly creatures as they prowl their natural habitat. Hunt for your favourite creature on the vast plains and secluded mountain ranges. The app includes many breed of dinosaurs; from hunting carnivores like the towering T-Rex to smaller mini specimens such as the Dilophosaurus.
Remember that cool safari ride from the movies? This is it, right in your pocket!
Movement is simple, just look in the direction you want to move and you will automatically walk that way. You have complete 360 degrees of vision and you are free to explore this space. Give it a try, it is your call!
The dinos will not assault you which is only good for your survival:), you are free to run around the park at your own leisure. This is not your ordinary roller coaster ride, but more like walking in the park…. Literally!
+ Currently the following dinosaurs are present in-game:
+ T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
+ Triceratops
+ Raptor (Velociraptor)
+ Dilophosaurus
More dinosaurs planned a upcoming update are: Sauropod, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Iguanodon, Protoceratops, Pterosaur.
★ Amazingly detailed jurassic era landscape environment
★ Meet your favourite dinosaurs in this breathtaking safari adventure
★ Easy to use controls, simply look where you want to go
★ Many species of dinos, from hunter carnivores to kind herbivore specimen
★ Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator for your phone
★ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard VR
★ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals
★ This app is crafted with Unity 3D Pro
★ This is a unique experience and a top showcase to show off your Android device’s capabilities
We aim to craft the best free app! Download this free VR app now an become the king of the VR castle!
For more information on Android-based Virtual Reality and Google Cardboard VR check: http://g.co/cardboard
Parental guidance
Although the experience can be a bit scary, the craft of this VR app is to be accessible to all ages. For example the dino's will not attack or provoke horror like actions. We do however recommend guidance due to the realism.
VR Compatibility notice
This title is not (yet) compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR), Project Morpeus and Samsung Gear (VR). Jurrasic VR - Google Cardboard is compatible with all non-powered virtual reality goggles.
Copyright 2016. The Jurassic VR soundtrack and other sound/audio/ video effects are licensed. Parts developed by Lunagames.


★ Dino Joyride - did you ever sit on the back of a dinosaur?
★ Updated to latest Google Cardboard version
★ Cool new interactive stuff to find in the VR level
★ New duo modes including a non-VR mode, you can now experience the Dino park without having to wear VR goggles
★ Stability and frame-rate fixes


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