Word Brainiac

Word Brainiac

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Welcome to the new trend in word games! The trendy King of the brain teasers has arrived to make you have a funny mind workout. We’re proud to introduce you a new mix of your favorite word brain games: find hidden words with this nice scrambled twist of crosswords and climb through the levels. You will have the chance to improve your vocabulary, spelling and concentration skills, without even noticing that you’re giving your mind a serious brain workout. Slide your fingers over the letters in the correct way to build words and be able to continue building words on the lines below. If you manage to build all of the words in the right order, you’ll clear the grid and be able to move to the next level. Remember that you can only swipe in a horizontal or vertical way, no diagonal is allowed. Will you become the next word hero master?

🔎🔠🔎 It’s not a bug! Some levels seem impossible, but we promise that every single word puzzle can be solved. Are you smart enough to clear all of our challenging levels? Download NOW WordBrain-iac Mind Crush For FREE in Google Play Store! Limited Time Only!!🔎🔠🔎

When you train hard your body, everything hurts as if a car has crushed you! The good thing about mind training is that you won’t get any headaches, and you can improve your results and skills quickly. Willing to make this challenge more interesting? Send your best scores to your friends via Facebook, email or other popular social media networks, and see who’s the brilliant guy! Your main opponent in this game is time! In the beginning, you’ll be able to solve the words puzzle really quick but, as you move forwards in the challenge, the difficulty increases and finishing a high level puzzle on time won’t be that easy. If your strategy is based just on guessing words... you’ll have to change it, if you want to win in our brain word maniacs tournaments!

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The path to become a word super mastermind is through daily brain training practice! Try to conquer all the levels of the game; join the multiplayer rooms while your brain performance becomes more effective! Every puzzle is unique, so no cheats! We added amazing graphics & animations, a very easy to handle interface and, obviously, intuitive & responsive controls to make your gameplay more pleasant! For being able to play our word puzzle tournaments, you’ll have to be online. For playing solo, no internet connection is required. The game is available in different languages; look for your version to start training your mind! Find all hidden words in the correct order; you’ll freak out trying to solve the last levels! The faster you solve one grid, the higher your score will be. Start challenging your friends and family, and discover who is the most gifted!

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Features of the Game:
🎓 Simple and Easy Rules, but Challenging Word Puzzles!
🎓 The Best Brain Exercises & Workouts
🎓 Low Memory Consumption of your Device
🎓 Multiplayer Mode & Online Tournaments
🎓 User-Friendly Interface
🎓 Easy One Hand Controls & Responsive Swiping

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Fixed level 38 of 3x3 Portuguese boards


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