Crasher - MMORPG

Crasher - MMORPG

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*Korean Top New Game Crasher is releasing English version! *
Join the innovative MMORPG with global players!
Crash your way to victory!1.Most grand map!
Experience the vast map with multiple players on the same screen! Up to 17 maps to be explored, Dawn City, Lost City, Hawburg, Snow Field…You will never run out of curiosity!
2.Most fair game - No VIP!
No VIP! NO P2W!--Brand new concept for MMORPG! Collect resources needed for growth by doing daily quests, dungeons and events. It takes real skill and work to make an ace.
3.Most exciting PVP!
Real-time battle! 1V1, 3V3, 5V5, field PK, Arena…diverse PVP modes at your choice! Prove your power by climbing to the top of rank; collaborate with friends against enemies in 3V3, 5V5, field free PK…
4.Non-stop adventure - No stamina limit!
There’s no stamina limit in the world of Crasher! Raiding field BOSS for rich resources and EXP for whole day! Fast grow and level up!
5.Most innovative gameplay!
Grab resources in Resource War while you should take care of assaults from other players; hunt down the most fierce BOSS for the richest bounty; strengthen your power and summon blessings from beautiful Goddess in the Path of God…you’ll never be bored in the adventure of Crasher!
[Authority Permission Information]
1) To save game account information for auto-login next time.
2) To save the process of game and check for new update.
* RECORD_AUDIO: Used for in-game voice chat.
* READ_PHONE_STATE: To provide "Play Now" function ( no need of registration ) and to solve the crashing issue in game.
Crasher does not get access to your phone calls history or contact list and does not collect information therefore this should not be a safety or privacy concern.
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1. Guild War -- To the throne! Gather up and race with up to 10 guilds in the war!
2. Guild Boss -- Team up with guild members and maul down Guild Boss.
3. Title system -- Fight for your honor! Prove your power with the title you wear.
4. New Pets -- Go, pets! Honey, Sea Shadow joined the collection of pets.
5. New Costumes -- 3 new looks for your choice.
6. New Wings and Arms -- 2 new Wings and 2 new Arms, upgrade to get them.
7. Better compatibility with Android 6.0.











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