Truck Driver Pro : Real Highway Racing Simulator
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Truck Driver Pro : Real Highway Racing Simulator


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Back up the truck! Get Truckin’

Truck Driver Pro sets a new standard in Big Rig Racing. Unparalleled 3D graphics and game play make this a can’t miss game of 2013. Combines racing with trucks and secret missions.

Truck Driver Pro puts you in control of the biggest, baddest rig on the road. Your mission : back up the truck and get haullin’ . Watch out for that traffic y’all, cause this rig’s got power.

Feel the power behind this big rig. We used ultra realistic 3D models in this game. Nuttin’ but the best for y’all players.

Realistic looking 3D landscapes with trees, bushes. Not the George one’s y’all. Them is green bushes.

Realistic 3D buses, cars, and RV’s. No zombies yet, but if we get enough suggestions for zombies, we can add a few.

Complete the mission to help out your friends. Haul some wood, Pick up some Gas, and much more. Race against the clock to complete your missions before time expires. Watch out for the Cops!

Choose to either be right behind the wheel or the view from above. Both add to the superior game play.

What other players are saying about Truck Driver

“I used to drive trucks for a livin, so I know a thing or two about big rigs. This games got it all” -- Randall K. , Santa Fe

“Cant wait till they add even more mission . . .I love the 3D graphics in this game. More Zombies please.” - Jim L. Columbus

“SUPER! Better than I ever expected. I used to be a cop and I love motorcycles.” - Lewis H. Sacramento

“More fun than a bucket of money.” - Harvey T. Las Vegas

You read this far, why not give it a try.

Trucks. Everybody loves them. Keep on Truckin’ Y’all

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