Cry : 黑色的灵魂

Cry : 黑色的灵魂

CRY - Dark Rise of Antihero

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CRY - Dark Rise of Antihero

Rise…stepper of darkness.
Feel the power of darkness…Contractor of Death and Soul.

Join Forces with the Dark and Punish Fallen Gods!
Explore the unique world where Contractors of Death and Soul stand against gods.

▶ Update ◀

■ New 9th area (Purgatory) added
Challenge to the new area and powerful new monsters with strongest equipment!

■ Multi Raid and Realm of Trials’ Extension
New 8th Multi Raid them which contains Divine Shard unlocked!
Unlocked 91 – 100th floor of Realm of Trials contains valuable reward!

■ Battle Arena Improvement
Experience more intensive battle in reduced battle field!
Acquire improved valuable Battle Arena participation reward and rank reward!

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2016.12.28 – 2017.01.06 3 Special limited packages for Google only!

■ Craft your first Craft Item fast! Happy New Package!
Happy New Package! A Limited Package for helping new users and the users who try to craft their own first Craft Item!

■ Craft items, Outforge, and change option! Google Package!
Craft your own items, strengthen them by Outforge, and set wanted option for the item!

■ For the High-End Gear Set! Special Google Package!
For setting High-End quality gear! Change option and quality of your gear!

※ Allow phone calls and managing calls
This permission is only used for collecting device information required for event reward and customer support.
When you allow the permission, you will be able to receive all event information and notification of prize winning.
Don't worry, it will not affect your phone call feature.

※ You can save game data on external storage such as SD card. The permission of using external storage is included in [Device photo, media, file access] permission.
However, the name within [ ] may be different on each device.


[1/5 Update Details]
Icon image changed
Lobby image changed
Ended event removed and new event applied
Other bug fixed
- Google Package (92% Off)
5,000 Gems + 500k Gold


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  • 当前版本 : 1.5.2
  • 更新时间 :
  • 系统: 4.3及更高版本
  • 厂商: Eyedentity Mobile








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