Airplane Flight Pilot 3D

Airplane Flight Pilot 3D

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Airplane Flight Pilot 3D 2016 is a superior commercial plane simulation especially designed and developed for Android.

We here at i6 Games have been developing and working on making the ultimate plane pilot flying simulation experience, improving all areas of the simulator like, the airplane physics, environments, quality assurance, realistic plane cockpits, all for your enjoyment.

Right now, we're excited to get you involved in the fun and play our all new and exciting flight simulator!

Take on the career of a pilot and experience the controlling and flying airplane aircrafts in Airplane Flight Pilot 3D 2016!

Simulating real aeroplane cockpit switches controls, you have full control of the plane to fly safely through the air and help complete important objectives for clients and passengers.
Play and unlock tons of unique levels (more soon to come) and use specialized airplanes for specific missions like cargo planes, fire fighter planes, and huge Boeing 747 to transport people around the world.

In this realistic sim, your piloting skills will be put to the test when you fly through dangerous weather storms, navigate your way out of tough situations in order to get to the destination on time to earn the highest score.

This airplane simulator also recreates real weather conditions as well as day and night cycle, with clear skies, tropical rainstorms, thunder and lighting, turbulence and more!

Take flight and live the life of a true Airliner Pilot, experience thrills plus more in the exciting, new game, Airplane Flight Pilot 3D 2016!

-Realistic cockpit airplane environments. All switches, buttons, and controls of actual cockpits
-Unique, entertaining levels (many more to come!)
-Massive, detailed open world (Including 7 Tropical Islands, Urban City, Residential Area, Farmlands, and Forest)
-Tons of planes and aircraft to unlokc and fly!
-Accelerometers for tilt controls, also button controls
-Fun reward system for gameplay, unlock more planes quicker
-Dynamic lighting and sounds of a commercial airplane and environment
-Amazing on-board cameras, get every cool view of the airplane

Airplane Flight Pilot 3D 2016 simulates real world elements:
- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms,
- Turbulence
- Day and night cycle
- Plane crashes and smokes effects.


- Minor Bug Fixes


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  • 当前版本 : 1.14
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  • 系统: 2.3.3及更高版本
  • 厂商: i6 Games









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