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Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes

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Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes
Screenshot of Three Kingdoms‘ Heroes


This is a very pure operation of the game, in the game, you can see a lot of household names.
All the characters you see can be collected as teammates, or you can choose to talk with them or fight with them.
The background of the game is The Three Kingdoms, where defeating lu bu and zuo ci to complete the god of war is not the ultimate goal.
You can finish the overlord, you can finish other endings, and yes, there are multiple endings in the game.
Like to collect achievements, there are dozens of achievements waiting for you to achieve!
Like the character appreciation, hundreds of characters such as you recruit!
Like to challenge yourself, the number of achievements completed by you to challenge!
All equipment can fall, of course, to draw a halberd, red rabbit, or to have a preparation!
Come here, is a place or eternal fame, it depends on the players adhere to.
There are many more modes waiting for you!Challenge the difficult mode, hero mode!
Our game is very suitable for those who are bored and want to kill time.
Because: the game all free, krypton gold have no door ~


The game of The Three Kingdoms was played from childhood to adulthood, and has always had deep feelings.Long ago, I had an idea: I must make a single game of The Three Kingdoms by myself in the future.This idea has run aground several times.Construction started several times, but the result didn't stick to it.The main reason is that they feel like they don't want to play.
"The altar of heroes of The Three Kingdoms" was conceived for about a few months before construction began, but this time, a finished product was finally available.After the first version came out, it was found that there were many problems.This game, I can also play down, I hope the players can enjoy.
Official website: http://game.llbnew.com
Come on!


Version 2022-03-05
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1.7.8 (2022.03.05)
1. After the game is over, you can get rewards when you complete the ending
2. Added option to use system font in settings
3. Characters in restaurants and teams will also display auxiliary prompt text
4. Add two achievements
5. Sengoku increase ranking
6. Fix some text description problems
7. Repair some problems that still exist in the new game in the pop-up window
8. At the beginning of the growth mode, you can choose the cities that can be reached
9. The advertisement of growth mode is changed to be watched by 14 years old
10. Growth mode reduces the cost of upgrading equipment


Developer Bob Game
供应商 liulingbo
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Last Updated on 2022-03-05
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System Requirements Android 6 +
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