Daisy's Flower Shop

Daisy's Flower Shop

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Meet Daisy and discover a wonder of colors and flowers at her fun Flower Shop! Help her run the place by cleaning it, dressing her up in fantastic styles and many more activities!

Daisy’s Flower Shop consists of 5 mini games:

Sculptures: This is the best-selling article in Daisy’s Flower Shop, as it is cute and very unique! Learn to make such fantastic Flower Sculptures shaped in sweet animals. First, sculpt the animals in floral foam, then add the flowers, make a wooden base and the sculpture is ready! The best part of this activity is that you can make your own creature sculpture by combining different flowers, heads, body types, eyes and arms. How about a sculpture of a bear with the body of a cat, the eyes of an owl and the paws of a rabbit? At Daisy’s Flower Shop, everything is possible!

Flower Pot: Daisy’s Flower Shop sells an assortment of pots and flower arrangements, but they have to be ready before being sold! You will need to find the correct flowers around the shop, put them together by type, fix the broken pots and put some soil inside. When the pot is ready, choose from a wide range of flowers, flower pot designs and embellishments. Each exceptional creation will be full of color!

Cleaning: the shop cannot be open before cleaning it, so why not helping Daisy with the fun cleaning tasks? Get rid of the shop’s spiderwebs, collect cute flying bees and butterflies in a jar, sweep dead leaves away and mop the floor to make it shine like a mirror. You will also need to clean the windows and the counter. Finally, watch wilted flowers revive when you water them! The shop is ready to open!

Dress Up: just like her flowers and her shop, Daisy is a cute, somewhat quirky girl that loves to change her style everyday! Find a plethora of dress up combinations and mix & match different tops, sweaters, jumpers, belts, hats, shoes and hair bands. The fun doesn’t there, as you can also change her hair color, make her wear funky glasses and put beautiful butterfly wings on her. A different combination for every day!

Gift Basket: Daisy puts the most amazing gift baskets for her clients. Do you want to learn how to make one? Assist Daisy in making a beautiful swan-shaped basket from scratch! First, put the wicker around the swan structure, then make the lining of the basket, add a bow and a handwritten card that you can color to your own liking. Then, it’s time to put the goodies inside! Flowers, plushies, candles...the perfect gift for anyone!

In addition, click on the shop’s logo to discover who is behind the making and design of this super cute game.

Educational Value:
With attractive visuals and bold colours, kids that play Daisy’s Flower Shop learn to identify various shapes, colors and to take care of flowers as living beings as they are. Also, they learn values such as making a fun task out of cleaning and exploring their individuality and creativity with the many customisation options available throughout the game.
Daisy is thought out to be a cute, fun and friendly character that is not afraid of wearing butterfly wings or green hair. Kids playing this game will get constant positive reinforcement once they’ve completed a task.

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