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Pet Hospital Craft: Animal Doctor Games for Kids

Pet Hospital Craft: Animal Doctor Games for Kids

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You love to play Hospital Craft, don’t you? Crafting and building a hospital and caring for your patients are extremely fun, but the real challenge starts when your patients can’t tell you what’s wrong! Play Pet Hospital Craft and experience what is like to be a pet vet as Dr Coco - an animal doctor!

Build and manage. Become a doctor in a pet hospital
Whether somebody brings an animal to you or it’s just a pet rescue, the pet animals need you! Build a pet hospital of your dreams - a veterinary clinic like a real hospital! Craft the equipment that lets you diagnose every single patient - no matter is it a dog, cat, puppy, kitten or bunny! Virtual world of pet vet games awaits!

Cure animals like a professional pet doctor
Pet Hospital Craft isn’t only a game about crafting and building. While you build your own pet hospital, you need to take care of all your patients. Every animal can be sick and deserve an accurate treatment! Use X-rays, defibrillator or any other pet vet equipment to diagnose the problem and successfully answer on every 911 rescue call! Sometimes you may even have to cure zoo animals, but it’s a way of life of every pet doctor!

Gain Empathy points, upgrade your hospital, craft new equipment!
Pet Hospital Craft offers much more than typical pet doctor games. Here, every cured animal bring you some Empathy Points. Thanks to them you can advance to new levels and enhance your skill as a pet doctor! This will unlock more crafting and building options like new blocks for your building needs, upgrade your hospital and craft animal medical equipment. Improve your pet vet service to become the best veterinarian in the pet world!

🐕 Crafting and building true animals hospital.
🐈 Rescue pet animals from the city streets!
🐎 Cure and care for pet animals!
🐅 Earn Empathy Points to gain new levels!
🐬 Upgrade your veterinary clinic and become the best pet vet doctor!
🐀 One of the best doctor games for kids!

🐕 Multi Craft - multiplayer mode!
🐈 More animal pets!
🐎 More blocks!
🐅 More upgrades!

Little cats, dogs, farm animals and even zoo animals (like fat lion!) await a cure, so don’t wait any longer! Start your crafting and building adventure in the pet vet world by hitting the DOWNLOAD button. Play Pet Hospital Craft to try your skills as a real animal doctor in one of the best pet vet games for free of 2017!




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Last Updated on 2019-04-25