One Direction Emoji Songs Quiz

One Direction Emoji Songs Quiz

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Can You Guess The One Direction Song From The Emoji Lyrics?
We spell out the greatest songs for you using only emojis. Can you crack the code of each emoji combo? Easy, right?

We love emojis as much as the next person so we thought we'd make a little song quiz for all One Direction fanatics out there. But can you decipher the code and prove you're the ultimate fan? So grab your emoji magnifying glass - there's many of your faves to decode.

Your aim is to find the song tittle in the emoji. Enjoy doing your best by just guess emoji from songs. Find the correct answers and finish the next test. It's nice if you can win every level, because the game is made very simple.

You simply press the alphabet letters are available under the column question. If you've correctly answer each question and you get a value of one, and so on. Here you will find some of the emoji and of course your job is to complete every emoji that will appear on the screen. If you can answer correctly then you will get the value of coins and if you're need help then you will decrease the value of the coin.

We think that you would be stumped by our latest challenge. Yep, we've translated some of her One Direction songs into emoji, and now it's up to you to crack the code. Can you translate the lyrics and come out on top? Emoji Song Quiz On.

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