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Hyperspace Ejection

Hyperspace Ejection

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Screenshot of Hyperspace Ejection
Screenshot of Hyperspace Ejection
Screenshot of Hyperspace Ejection
Screenshot of Hyperspace Ejection
Screenshot of Hyperspace Ejection


To : Novice player

1、 The gameplay originated from "Worms"and the similar games ,such as"Crazy Tank", "Bouncing Ballroom" ,subsequent "various bombs" and so on.
2、 It is easy to operate this game.you only need to use your finger to click on the skill and select the direction to release. It's as simple as using the skill like “Arena of Valor”, not 3D, nor instant.So, don’t worry about your own operation.
3、 The game has a single player mode, but you can also play in the arena with the global players in the ranking without a lot of tasks to complete.Therefore, it is very easy to play it in any situations.
4、 The plot is suitable to the child and we recommend children play it under the supervision of the parents, which may stimulate interest in a certain [person] [field].

To: senior player

1、This is a competitive game.
2、 Global players play games under the same server and the data is basically fair【The will system is similar to the inscription of Arena of Valor, slightly affecting the attributes, and of course can be obtained through normal channels.】
3、The experience of Shaoguan is very smooth and you can use the skills without any payment.
4、 BesidesTesla ($6), all characters are free from the game.
5、 In summary, we may let players recharge and roll out the reload package, because these above systems have taken care of the feelings of free players

To: Players who care about the plot

1、 This is a sci-fi game, which is about 100,000 words with the entire voice.
2、 The game tells the story of how the staff of the Time and Space Administration left behind after the chaos of time and space.
3、 The game brings together a variety of celebrities in history, which comes from elementary school textbooks.So,everyone can easily recognize them.
4、 Newton met Galileo, who is more better? When Qin Shihuang met Wu Zetian, who has more power?
5、 The game tries its best to popularize science and hopes that players will be interested in a certain field,which may make they start exploring it in life.
6、 We have a unique interpretation and imagination of natural sciences such as time, space, universe, and dimension, humanities, mass psychology, and individual happiness. I hope that you will like it.


About recharge

We may look like a profiteer because some of recharge systems
After all, the cost of playing games is not cheap.
The purpose of the recharge system is not to let us squander, but to work hard to survive
As long as we don’t go bankrupt, we can optimize the game and let everyone play better games.
If we go bankrupt, no one will remember us any more in a few years.

about name

What is the universe?
The universe looks like an inflated hot air balloon
So how do we describe a universe that is about to be annihilated?
We have been thinking at the beach for a long time, when the evening came, we thought of the answer.
The sunset is the end of the day.
I looked up and found that this sunset is like an expanding universe.
The setting sun is like a big eye, watching all this silently.
This scene echoes the name of the universe: "Sunset Hot Air Balloon." Many people object to this name because it doesn't sound like a game. We are hoping to use this artistic, movie-like name to make players feel some different.
We need to save this universe that is about to collapse. If you can follow the story to the end, I hope you like the way we conceived.

About the theme

Games are the carrier of information and the way of entertainment.
Previously, game was a tool for pure entertainment. However, the game is a cultural product, and it will one day carry the function of cultural transmission.
Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed", Microsoft's "My World", Netease's "Code Combat" and many other excellent games have succeeded in making the game beyond the scope of "simple entertainment." So, can we do that too?
In long-term teaching research, we found that games are the most indispensable part of a child's life. So what is the best thing for the game to teach children?
Or, in other words, what is the first step in human growth?
We believe that it is the cultivation of interest
The game can give people happiness. If this happiness can be linked to knowledge, then they will have an interest in knowledge and related people and fields, which will take the initiative to understand these contents.
Such initiative is the beginning of human thinking and progress.
Therefore, our game has chosen such a theme: scientific celebrities
If a teenager uses Newton in our game, he will remember Newton. When he encounters information about Newton, he is willing to understand it.
In addition, we also added character-related reading recommendations to the game, giving players who are interested in reading a way to increase their knowledge.
Just like the approach of "civilization", when every item and character of our game is unlocked, we will give him a unique monologue, full of culture and fun.I hope you will like it.
Some specific gameplay in the game records historical events in order of time, giving you more historical information.
Every character’s “diary” will also use the first person’s perspective to convey various information.
There are still a lot left, we are a surprise, waiting for you to experience.

About the type of gameplay

There is no place to introduce the operation method because it very much like
the gameplay of "worms" .We can't do the random and interesting fun because the current network security environment is far more complicated than before.
We know that arena fairness is the most important part
If it is not fair, it will lead to no interest in the game.
This also brings us a lot of confusion: how can we feed our team?
This may still require our constant exploration
We recommend all players to experience the single mode copy. Although its quality is not as good as the top game, we make up for this with the number of plots. The game is accompanied by full voice and if you can wear headphones, you will feel our magnificent game atmosphere.
Other ways of playing, including league games, roguelike climbing towers, etc., will continue to improve it.

About service

We want to serve every player in a timely and efficient manner. Therefore, when you encounter problems, you can contact us through QQ, or in-game customer service, or even FB.
There will be a lot of access pressure after the game is online, and we will work hard to maintain it.


In-app Purchases Yes
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Last Updated on 2019-12-14
Network Connection Required
System Requirements No System Requirements