Hello, Mr.Rich

Hello, Mr.Rich

点点农场富翁 (Hello, Mr.Rich)

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You came to a wealthy nei***orhood with dreams of striking it rich. Create new farms and production buildings to make a variety of products that you can sell in the market and to your nei***ors. Try to become the richest person in the world!
Acquire new plots of land and pick your favorite products. When you create new production buildings, the workers begin production right away. Tapping helps to speed up construction and production for faster progress.
▶Local Customers
The locals in the nei***orhood love to go shopping, so they will drop by your store all the time. Customers will offer their own prices. By selling your products to the highest bidder, you can gain higher profits. However, not everyone is a friendly nei***or. Some visitors will bring bad news for you. Certain customers will also change the weather, so stay on your guard.
Achievements record your activities in the game. When you complete a new achievement, you will receive a reward. Try to get all of the achievements!
Are you a millionaire by now? Or perhaps a billionaire? If you steadily increase your assets, you will rise in the league and receive bigger rewards. Do you think you can become the richest person in the world? Hone your business instincts by competing with your friends.

※ Highlights of the game
Hello, Mr. Rich is available in 16 different languages. The game can be played without a network connection (except for certain online features such as Friends, Rankings, etc.)
Basic game play is free to enjoy, but certain items can be obtained with real money. In addition, the game includes ads which offer free items.
*Customer support center: support@mogloogames.com (English and Korean only)

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