Free clicker RPG Tap Princess

Free clicker RPG Tap Princess

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One day, a king of a country was kidnapped.
His daughter, the princess, embarks with her minions on a quest to save her father.

- Defeat the monsters by tapping -
Attack and defeat the monsters by tapping!
Once the monsters are defeated they will leave you coins!
Use the coins to upgrade the princess and defeat more monsters!

- Heartening minions -
Minions are heartening companions who will attack automatically!
Use the coins to upgrade the minions!
When the minions attack, they steal coins from the monsters with strange powers!
You can leave the minions be and the coins will still continue to build up!

- Monsters keep getting stronger -
Each time you defeat a monster, their level grows and become stronger.
Each time they level up they will leave more coins!
There's no limit to the monster's strength.
Try and see what level you can get to.

- "Relics" powerful treasures -
Relics are powerful treasures that will make the princess and minions stronger!
To get a relic, level up the princess and get "Reincarnate"!
You can get a relic by using the "crystal" you get through reincarnate!

Let's start on the quest!

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· like fantasy RPG
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· Those who want to play a tap game becoming a hero or a princess

*The game is free but also offers some in-game purchases.


v1.2*Minor bug fix.v1.1.4*Reduce the gold required of princess level up.*Adjusted the gold that get at the time of application return.*Add an upper limit on the Crystal necessary to Relic purchase.*fixed bugs.v1.1*Up the crystal amount of get at the time of reincarnation.*Add the ability to unnecessary relic can be exchanged for diamonds.*It is now possible to see the total value of the relic.*Bug fix.If you can not Tweet in Android6, please try to check the permissions


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  • 系统: 4.1及更高版本
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