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Core - this is a small lightning"ball" that will pull you in it’s world forever, will open for you cool, exciting offline games of a stylish interface! Download this offline game right now, press the start button, and the lightening ball’s "adventures" in the world of geometric shapes begin!


This no Internet game is endless. The goal of the arcade Core is to put a personal record, and even to become # 1 among friends. And to complete a mission and to beat the record you need to fly as fast as possible, bend all obstacles on the way as quickly as you only can and to collect ALL the bonuses (glowing balls) that you only meet on your adventure.


To bring a Core into a motion, it's enough just to tap on the screen. The more you press on the screen, the faster it flies.
You need to make this luminous ball fly into the falling figure that rotates and fly of it out. Each figure has one free edge - the entrance to it, in the same time it’s exit, which will change it’s location with the figure rotations . Therefore, get close to the falling figure, when it is turned by the free edge down, and fly out of it when it turns the free edge up. All these manipulations should be done until the figure falls. And this will take just a second and even a half of a second, so you need to be really quick! You can not touch the figures!
First you will face with simple triangles and squares, but the further you go, the harder the construction of figures of this no Internet game are, and the harder it will be to overcome them. Sometimes neither one, nor two, but many figures will move towards you. For example, a combination of stars, or circles, or any other figures that not only rotate about their axis, but they also can move along a completely incomprehensible trajectory, may come upon you. In this case, you have nothing to do but look for the passages between them and as quickly as possible slip across. Just do not forget to collect bonuses - small lightening balls!

Download the arcade CORE RIGHT NOW, but be careful, because you can become addictive to this game!


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