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Went: Refactor

Went: Refactor

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Screenshot of Went: Refactor
Screenshot of Went: Refactor
Screenshot of Went: Refactor
Screenshot of Went: Refactor
Screenshot of Went: Refactor
Screenshot of Went: Refactor


Went: Refactor is a Chinese style sci-fi game.

If your life is planned by AI to allocate
"This is a peach blossom hairpin that I made in imitation of ancient artifacts, I hope you can accept it ......"
"You know, according to the marriage allocation of Taichi, it is impossible for the two of us to be together."
"But you obviously like me too ......"
"For the sake of maximizing the value of society, this is a due obligation for you and me."

If your thinking and actions are monitored at all times
"According to the Taichi mastermind planning, it is now your meal time, please use it in time."
"I'm in a bad mood and don't want to eat."
"All arrangements are made for a healthier life of the citizens and the lasting development of the Seven Houses, please do not violate the rules. If you refuse again, you will be credited with one warning at the D level."

When you master the means to peer into another person's brain
"Target brain intrusion confirmed."
"According to the collected clues, you have up to three chances to attack the opponent's brain defense wall, each attack will receive a counterattack, please confirm whether to start execution."
"The target's mind defense wall has collapsed and thought imaging is unfolding."

Do you still believe in what you embrace
"The Taichi mastermind created with virtual imaging technology stands between buildings, her body made of neon light piercing through the fog"
"She gazed with kind yet firm eyes at the blanket of lights beneath her feet, her hands slightly open, as if embracing the greatest city in human history."
"Beside her, the most famous slogan of the Seven Houses kept flashing in the mists of the night sky"
"Taichi is with you."


The story began with a dream of walking the world.
The end of the story is transformed into a hope of looking up to the stars.

Pre-registration Rewards

300,000 pre-register 限定头像框*1、钻石500、特定小剧情*1
500,000 pre-register 钻石*1000, 特定角色*1
 钻石*1000, 特定角色*1
1,000,000 pre-register 特定角色皮肤*1, 抽卡券*10
特定角色皮肤*1, 抽卡券*10


Developer 灵冶游戏
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Last Updated on 2020-12-16
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System Requirements No System Requirements