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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


"Is the witch in the teacher's world an idol?"
A training RPG presented by KLab x KADOKAWA that causes witches (idols) and miracle!
Produce idol + RPG games with serious quality!

Witches (idols) sing! Dancing! fight! RPG!
The story of the growth of the hero and the witches who met the idol "witch" in another world and became a teacher begins.

■ Experience the magical world with high quality 3D & beautiful illustration cards
A variety of productions and special moves drawn in full 3D will heat up the battle!
The battle with the boss is a flashy victory with "magic x song x dance x battle"!

The cards that can be obtained by summoning dramatically produce one page of memories with the witches with dynamic movements.
Illustrations of all rarities start to move magically!

■ Become a teacher and train 20 apprentice witches
Interact with apprentice witches and lead them to full-fledged witches!

A training system where interaction with witches leads to growth! Raising intimacy frees up nurturing elements!
Raise "witches" and "cards" to strengthen the stats required for battles!

■ Fight with your favorite witches
Infinite coordination to your favorite witch with a dress-up function full of cute costumes!
Put on your favorite costumes and enjoy battles and live performances!
Equipped with an auto battle & skip function and automatic selection that advances quickly.

■ Delivering the story of witches in full voice 3D and animation
The whole story of the miracle of friendship and ties is full voice!
The world of witches is dramatically drawn with expressive full 3D and original in-game animation!


Provider KLab
Last Updated on 2022-05-24
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