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7月28日 全新资料片“浩渺与微明之烬”
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Screenshot of Langrisser
Screenshot of Langrisser
Screenshot of Langrisser
Screenshot of Langrisser
Screenshot of Langrisser


"Overlord" is coming in a big way.
The "Langrisser" x "Overlord" link-up is on fire! "The Supreme Being, Anz-Ul-Kong, along with his guardians, Yael Bede and Shadia Bradfren, descends on the continent of Alusalia, and invites Satoshi Hino, Yumi Hara and Uesaka Sumire to contribute their voices. The Ruler of Death, the pure white demon, the vampire True Ancestor...a brand new adventure is about to arrive!

Langrisser", a high-strategy Japanese fantasy masterpiece, is officially launched, and heavily linked to the popular Japanese fantasy masterpiece "OVERLORD". The game by the Japanese original factory full supervision, super first-line voice cast, invited national music producer rock pendant to join, the first full voice. A brand new plot is created to create a grand fantasy world! Continuation of the classic strategy of the original, creating a real-time player confrontation in the battle board game!

- Battlefield Warfare: A magnificent chess masterpiece.
Langrisser, the magnificent wargame series produced by Masaya Studio, is regarded as one of the three great Japanese SRPGs. The core of the game experience is the powerful combat effects, which are 100% restored. It is a great way to get the most out of the game, and it is a great way to get the most out of the game.

- Luxury Voice Cast All Star CV Lineup Arrives
In addition to recording all the BGMs of the previous series, the composer of the original series, Mr. Tokuyuki Iwatari, who is known for his game music in the Grantia series, the Reversal of Judgment series, and the Langrisser series, was invited to compose the music for this game. In addition, the game's first voice actor Ryuutaro Okiaki, along with popular voice actors Yui Horie, Mamiko Noto, and Saori Hayami, formed an all-star cast of more than 30 voices, making it the first time the entire series has been voiced.

- The touching story of the heroic song of sword and sorcery.
This is the only official sequel to the series, and the first time the series is available on mobile platforms. The million-word novel-level original plot features not only a new protagonist, but also all the popular characters from the original series! The story returns to the familiar land of Alusalia, where the legend of the holy sword Rangulisa is being told to you....

- The original levels are perfectly reproduced.
The original story is 1 million words long and as the return of the entire series, it includes many classic battles from the 5 generations of the original game, with more than 300 levels in total. The level design includes dozens of ways to pass the battles, such as guarding NPCs to survive, retreating from an army of thousands of soldiers, and blocking enemy troops with one man, which greatly increases the fun of the game.










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Version 3.11.0 2022-06-27
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【新玩法】 “铸纹之律”火热开启,为英雄冒险之路再添助力!


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