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Hero Squad to the rescue! The Demon King kidnapped our princess, and trapped her in his castle. Our three heroes Warrior William, Priest Olivia, Archer Windstoker must fight their way through exotic dungeons to defeat the devil lord and save the princess. Clear dungeons, deploy skills, and defeat huge boss monsters in your fateful quest! Tap your way to victory in this addictive tap RPG arcade game!❖ Defeat 190 monsters in your stomp through 10 different themes.
❖ Clear the stages with 5 stars and unlock the powerful next weapon
❖ Time your skills well to clear the stages as fast as you can
❖ Collect cute heroes and enjoy splendid pixel art!
❖ Features
➤ TAP as fast as you can to clear the stages with 5 stars
➤ DEPLOY powerful skills with devastating power
➤ EXPLORE over 100 stages in 10 different themes
➤ FIGHT with huge boss monsters with insane health points
➤ UNLOCK 42 Weapons that gets powerful and powerful
➤ CHOOSE among 15 Heroes with game-changing passive skills
➤ EARN huge amounts of gold in Gold Dungeons and Jackpots
➤ COLLECT 30 Treasures with Unique abilities
➤ REBIRTH the Hero Squad to start anew with maximum power
➤ ENTERTAIN yourself with a great fun story with a twist!
Hero Squad is a must-download for all fans of Retro game, Tapping game, RPG game and Arcade games!
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What's new

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= v1.1.9 =
- Purchase glitches fixed
= v1.1.8 =
- Treasure glitches urgent fixed
= v1.1.7 =
- Treasure glitches fixed and rebalance the prices
- Compensation reward added
= v1.1.6 =
- New Treasure and Characters added
- Now you can open treasure with diamonds
- Payment glitches fixed
- Cat and Dog glitches fixed (added)
= v1.1.5 =
- Boss dungeon double time added
- Weapon Skin upgrade system added
- Minor bug fixed
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Detailed info

  • File Size: 38.45MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.9
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Nsouls
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  • Wryun(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
    Played game for 38 minutes

    加载游戏的时候以为是韩文的差点退了...后来发现是英文的。玩的时候用两手一起怼...肝得手指痛QWQ但是好玩舍不得删...福利不错不能氪金点个赞。小动画炒鸡可爱,和实际游戏的像素画风不一样。我觉得吧..魔王和公主这对CP好萌QVQ 。

  • 迷潇
    Played game for 1 hours 45 minutes


  • 齐石



  • 故事予贤
    Played game for 9 minutes


  • 桐生二马
    Played game for 8 minutes


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