Supermarket Grocery Store Kids
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Supermarket Grocery Store Kids

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Supermarket Grocery Store Games & Cash Register Simulator is great for Kids of All Ages!

Supermarket Simulator is a Grocery Store Kids game where you can be the customer and shop for groceries like fruit, veggies, produce, milk, donuts, candy, bread and more! Go shopping like you do in the REAL Supermarket!

You can also run the Cash Register like the Cashier in this Supermarket Cash Register Simulator and scan the items on the counter moving on the belt! Scan each grocery item the customer brings to the counter, and ring up the price! Then accept payment via the credit card machine, and enter the total amount, followed by scanning the credit card!

Take a trip to your local Supermarket, and enjoy both sides of the Supermarket including Cashier & Customer!

As Customer, drop the items you want into the cart, then drag the cart over to the register and put them on the conveyor belt and watch the cashier scan and take the items for you!

Watch the items scroll toward the cashier, then check out using your credit card & tap to complete your order!

Cashier mode lets you do the opposite - take the items from the cart, scan them, and place them inside the bag! Ring the items up individually, and take payment from the customer!

This game is so much fun, and lets you simulate being both the customer, and cashier!

Earn free coins the more you play to unlock the Ultimate in fun, the Cash Register Game!

Supermarket Simulator is great for kids of all ages!

What's new

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Reduced File Size to accommodate older devices!
Added an ALL NEW grocery section - the Bakery!
Reduced Number of coins required to unlock cashier mode and new areas!
Updates & Improvements!
Minor Fixes & Updates!
Fixed scaling issues on larger devices

Detailed info

  • File Size: 36.81MB
  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 2.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Beansprites LLC

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