Whos your Daddy- Baby vs Daddy
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Whos your Daddy- Baby vs Daddy

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Get ready for the craziest and wildest adventure game with some awesome background music.As your wife is out for some work you as a daddy you have to babysit your naughty baby. After making him sleep in his room you plan to enjoy in your free time. But things don't go as planned, as your child refusesto sleep and starts throwing things here and there.
A simple and addictive one finger game testing your best reflexes.Score the highest and become a Super dad.
Challenge your friends to get better of your score.
Show your friends whos the daddy using the leader boards, and show us your support by sharing this game.
More mini games will be added in near future so stay tuned.

Game Play:
1.You have to catch only the useful wanted falling items while leaving unwanted/dangerous ones.
2. You can have a look at unwanted/dangerous items at the start of the game and in the help page.
Game Credits: https://creditwhosyourdaddy.wordpress.com/

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- bugs fixed

Detailed info

  • File Size: 3.86MB
  • Current Version: 1.11
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.0及更高版本
  • Developer: Who's your daddy games

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