Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D
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Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D

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We got something new for you today Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D is one of the newest 3D cargo plane games. Ever wanted to be a cargo plane pilot, then it's time to play Cargo Plane Car Transporter 3D. Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D is an objective based cargo plane game where you need to load and unload the high value racing sports cars in the cargo chamber of transporter plane. Experience the best cargo airplane flight simulation game along with fearless fast racer car driving. Sky's the limit. Do you dream of being a professional cargo transporter airplane pilot? Your duty begins with driving cars to the airport and loading vehicles inside the big airplane.

Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D learns you to load and unload a big cargo plane on a city airport, it's a important job to fulfill. In this easy parking 3D game you are a transporter trucker that needs to load and unload his truck. After you load your truck with the priceless cargo of high value racing cars and sports cars you need to travel to the car dealer airport in this awesome truck simulation game. So if you love 3D parking games with a little twist you definitely need to download this new car transporter parking game. If you haven't played any of our other car transporter 3D truck simulators you will still enjoy the new gameplay. This 3D parking game is not so easy as its predecessors, you really need to show your driving skills in the cars and in the truck. With over 50 new different 3D parking game simulator missions you will have the time of your life.

Cargo Plane Car transporter 3D game features

One of the best parking simulator game physics
No containers, wood or other stuff no you have sport cars on your loader
Different camera view, check the position of your truck and cars as you park it
Are you ready for a speed game time is the main challenge for you truckers out there!
Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics, huge open world to drive around
Traffic on the roads of this city, watch out and don’t damage your cargo
On-Screen Steering Wheel, acceleration and brake pedals and gearshift

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What's new

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- Bugfixed level 7 where you couldn't continue in Cargo Plane Car Transporter 3D

Detailed info

  • File Size: 49.07MB
  • Current Version: 1.5
  • Update Time:
  • OS: 4.1及更高版本
  • Developer: VascoGames

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